how much for dirty apparition?
1 Key For Dapper?
A bonk boy and a clean elfin deal for the anger
nyc offer bt i thing u already sold them :)
no prob
1.33 for the uncraftable tyrants helm
nyc lowball u said uncraft but didnt mentioned the paint >_<
1.33ref for the Dapper Topper?
1 lib launcher (1 ref) and 2 ref for the anger? total is 3 ref
2 Keys for the Intellectual
i'll give you weapons and a replacement uncraftable tyrants for yours.
add me to discuss weapons
I'll go 2.5 keys for the outback, and 2 ref for the anger.
2 ref's for Anger.
got offer of 1key+1 ref so stop lowballing dude
2 key for app
2 ref for virtual reality?
how much for anger?
Outback 2 keys + 1 ref?
thats the price of non painted outback
oh ok
2 keys 2 ref?
1.66 ref for the Pyromancer's mask
Pink Tyrants Helm (clean) for your Dirty Black helm +1 rec
1.66 for pyromancer
1.33 for sultan
Buy OUTBACK 3keys add me
2.66 for Virtual Reality Headset
3 keys + 1 scrap on outback.
2 refined for the dapper
2 keys for outback
3 keys for the outback
have been offered better
1 key for tyran
how much for anger?
1key+1.33 ref