Looking for all sorts of offers on all my unusuals, promos, keys, ref, etc.
Their current offers can be found on their respective trades:

Approximate buyouts of items/Unusuals being sold:

- Stormy Storm Gentleman's Ushanka: 1.8 Buds
- Circling TF logo Samur Eye: 2 Buds
- Steaming Hustlers Hallmark: 1.8 Buds
- Blizzardy Storm Large Luchadore: 2.5 Buds

- Black Bills Hat: 8 Keys
- White Bills Hat: 8 Keys (x2)

- Strange Gunslinger w/ sappers removed: 30 Keys
- Strange Huntsman: 9 Keys
- Strange Festive Huntsman: 13 Keys
- Strange Birdman(gold): 3 Keys

- V. Ubersaw LVL100: 7 Keys
- White V. V Tyrolean LVL99: 9 Keys
- V. Dead Ringer LVL99: 6 Keys

All offers besides pure are strictly meant to be overpayment.
All offers on my promos or pure keys/metal are to be quicksells (UNUSUALS AND ITEMS AND PROMOS!)

Have a great day and feel free to add me to discuss.
Overclocked Fruit Shoot or
Terror - Watt Stately Toe
for a few unusuals?
(amount depends on price)
eh not too interested in them. Feel free to offer them on anything you feel like though.
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I'll give 1 bud for the outdoorsman, add me and send me a Trade Offer and I will confirm/add payment when I am back on
White bill and strange huntsman for my pink summer hat.
OVERPAY in items. NOT underpay. No thanks then.
meme machine
Kill a watt Nano for logo samur eye
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.