2.66 beakl
ill do a key on the bomber
  • 33
1 key for the beak
High five taunt for Beak and Surgeon's
Painted respectless rubber glove for flamboyant flamenco
think i can do 2.11 for the worst nightmare. sry i cant do regular price maybe by the end of the week add me if ur intrested
i want pyromancer
i give you 1.66ref for pyromancer
2 rec a ref and the game cogs for the surgeons
sorry ment 2 ref a rec and the game cogs for the surgeons
  • idk
Ill give you dirty team captain for Stalhelm Your worst night mare and beak
Looooool what a lowball
ur surgeons stahlhelm for my all father
wait, why didnt you take this?
wow i was so stupid
i got the stahlhelm from some stupid dude for 1 key lol
D: so jelly
uh jughead, i wasnt experienced then, i crafted the all father,, u shudve taken it.. i wasnt trolling.. but i got a stalhelm for 1 key..:)
2 ref blighted beak
1 key for surgeon
Hottie's Hoodie for Your Worst Nightmare
2.77 ref for beak
Infernal impaler for brown bomber?
1 key 1.33 metal for brown bomber
2 ref for YWN
g. scrap pack for beak + bomber + sweets
already have bomber, still want beak
3.33 for Stahlhelm?
strange part posthumous kills for the beak
I will offer 1 Clean Desert Marauder (1,66) and 1 Ref = 2,66 - for Your Worst Nightmare. I added you.
beak - 1.33
how much for the beak? in metal
Hotties hoodie for beak
.33 for glen bonnet
3.66 for stahlhelm
strange liberty launcher that has a name + desc tag on it for beak
Noh Mercy for Blighted Beak?
3 ref worth of hats for yuor worst nightmare?
4 ref for helm
Salty dog (Soldier) + 1ref OR Snaggle + 1ref.
I also added you :)*
strange part: soldiers killed for the beak
I offer dirty white painted Tyro for Stahlhelm.
If you've still got the Stalhelm, I'd like to make a mixed offer if possible. I have a few hats, I think most notably a Whiff of the Old Brimstone. So if any of them interest you, lemme know and we could possibly work out either a metal + key, metal + hat(s), or key + hat type of offer for it?
I'll give you a salty dog and a strange boston basher I just uncrated (-.-) as a sweet for that Pyromancer's
tough guy's toque + strange bonesaw for you pyromancer
0.33 ref for that glengarry?
clean pillar of hats for the stalhelm? Lv. 72
A Green Boonie for the YWN
key for beak
2Keys for beak
  • COG
strange part demokills for pyromask
1 key for beak
dirty fast learner for the beak + stahelm + worst nightmare?
would u take any of these hats for stahlhelm? http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/1950141 add if interested
S.degreaser for stahlhelm ?
2,66 for beak
lime painted uncraftable bomber for clean bomber
1.22 for outdoorsman
Head warmer for stahlhelm
Genuine anger green painted for stalhelm
a dark green painted clean ellis cap for flamenco
Buccaneer's Bicorne painted Grey for the Sniper Rambo
5 ref for the stahlhiem and the pyromancers.
u taking dota stuff?
gen pilotka plus strange sweets and a rec for the YWN ? maybe
The internal impaler for blighted?
Key for the beak?
Batlle Bob + a rec for stallhelm?
1.77 flamenco
A clean "A Whiff of the Old Brimstone" for the Brown Bomber?
i want to buy stahlhelm i will trade a desert merauder and a g.cube pin
hard counter + 5 scrap + 5 random weps ?
give u a ornaments armament for the surgion's stalhelm
hi, 4 refs for surgeon's stahlhelm, do you accept?
already bought
I can give you the hermes for pyromancer's mask.
I have checked the price, both worth 1.66/2.
So ?
fruit shoot for brown bomber
Lookin' for a quick trade, right now. 1.33 for the outdoorsman.
  • 9R
strange ambassador for the nightmare?
clean dashin and sharp dresser for blighted and stahelm
Outdoorman for Metal or craft hat ?
I'd like to buy that Outdoorsman.
painted vintage tyrolean for outdoorsman?
1.44 for the outdoorsman
one desc tag and one rec for the stahhelm
1.66 for the flamboyant flamenco??
Interested in White Uncraft Fast Learner for Stalhelm + Blighted Beak?
1.33 for the Outdoorsman
G. sun on a stick for outdoorsman
2 ref, outdoorsman add me
2rec for bonnet
fed fightin fedora, and a guinuine widdowmaker fort pyromancers mask and outdoorsman?
1.66 ref for pyromancer's mask?
Level 42 Captain's Cocktails for the Beak?
Idea tube for Outdoorsman
2 keys and a ref for beak and surgeon
liquidater lid for the blighted beak
add me
helmet without a home for outdoors
the heavy duty rag for the outdoorsman
1.33 for outdoorsman
  • 33
Hazmat Headcase for the beak?
1 key ---(for)--> Outdoorsman + 0.88-1 ref
1.66 for outdorsmanm
how bout a fed-fighting cap (cool new hat) for the pyromancer