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Just so you know, yes, you must spend 20USD in order to get a random thing from the store. :)
Thanks, since I'm european I don't know the USD values. Thanks for the heads up.
Holy Sh... thanks for the information! This will rise its value by a lot! MANY THANKS!
I hope it does. I've got 4 left and a UC bucket :p
Nice! I'm sure it will rise the value since these can't find these uncraftable anymore, and you got a nice loot there!
That made me so happy. :D
I would offer my soul :D
Im joking but goodluck with the trade!
Thank you!
*Now impossible to get
Too bad no one wants it... :(
I'm a patient person.
Question. Can't it still be crafted through Pyro melee recipe? Buy any weap from the store, make some uncraftable scraps with it, etc... I know it's a low chance, but still, is that possible?
You can't have Uncraftable Scraps, because in order to craft a scrap, you need craftable weapons. Uncraftable cannot be crafted, as they are qualissified as.
I was being stupid and mixing up the other, uh. Untradable. That was it. Shit, my bad .-.
Untradable =/= Uncraftable.
I know this, I just forget because I'm being stupid.
Lol I like all the hidden comments btw guys this is a very rare item in another trade a guy got around 4-6 keys for it! ☺
So Many Comments/Offers. My Vita saw I got about 3 offers and comments ._. THIS TRADE IS SO POPULAR GOOD LUCK SELLING! ^^
:) np
So much stupid, idiots can't realize that just because you see more then one of it doesn't make it worthless. It's hard to refresh the outpost main page and not see a buds or unusual, but those are still valuable.
Buds and unusuals are still valuable because they have high demand. Even a cancer unusual still has an effect on it, and people will recognise the fact it is unusual. No-one cares about uncraftable stufff, that is why.
Collectors do, and I can recall people buying Crates Series #6, even though that if you open the game and you have one there it will be deleted, and atleast you can always use this weapon.
And Crates Series #6 go for more than a Buds.
Who the hell actually collects these?
I have no ideia, some collector I guess.
Who ?
Read the previous comment, I answered your queston there, before the first comma.
So many idiots saying that just because you see them often means they're totally worthless... buds and unusuals are way more common then these on outpost...
But buds and unusuals are more in demand.
And 10 times as common, there is a very low demand for extremely crappy unusuals, but they're still worth at least a bills.
These are dropping in price fast, I've seen people selling them for a key.
Oh these will rise again, you can no longer obtain it, I've been waiting 1 month to sell there, I can wait another one if needed.
Good luck then.
Thank you
people say :O sharpened uncraft and to my brain bucket uncraft :/ none cares
Brain bucket uncraft is much rarer, I wouldn;t do this. There are even less BBs which are UC since there was the same time slot only it was with the hat rate.
yay ty waldo
lvl 100 hats have a 1/100 chance of dropping, they go for a couple of ref, maybe some keys if the hat is great. Why do people assume an uncraftable weapon that has 1/121 chance of getting costs a bud? Explain to me the logic.
This can no longer be obtained and uncraftable items cannot be dropped.
ok, it can't be obtained, fair enough. But why do people set its price at a bud or close to a bud? The only reason that comes to mind for me is that they want to shark a couple of keys off of a rich noob. And collectors, there are little collectors to start with, and almost all of them collect lvls, genuines, or unusuals. Why would a collector take a liking in uncraftable weapons? They aren't attractive or useful or liked by the tf2 population!
My problem isn't with people selling these weapons for higher than the spreadsheet price, my problem is when people price them at absurdly high prices, that ticks me off.
Sell setting a B/o isn't a crime, and I'm completely aware I won't get a pair of buds out of this, I set it that high because I can (huehue), but still even then, if a collector does want one of these, we can and will offer something high. I'm not expecting to get a Buds out of this or 24-25 keys, even though someone did pay a buds for one of these.
Too many people trying to liquidate these for their values to rise. I'd say you'd be lucky if you can get a key or two.
I don't get why you're upset with this
too many of anything is an eye sore. I'm trying to get rid of a pain to the tf2op community.
So what are you accomplishing here?
We are having a normal conversation between 2 users, no rules are being broke and this is a valid trade, otherwise it would already been closed. If someone wants one of these they will offer on it, theres likes for everything and every person has his own likes, thats why I don't understand why are you so mad about this.
I thought I already told you why I'm mad. All these uncraftable weapons for sale at awful prices are an eye sore, there are too many of them. It's like if you walk through town and you see druggies and goths at every single corner blaring their music and smoking and being obnoxious, you would be mad. Similar concepts, not hard to understand.
You made your point. Anything else?
no, this is the part where you hide my post.
Actually, I respect you, I'm going to keep this here so people can read. Thanks
appreciate it.
Punch. I like you. Jean Poutine. Shut your face. GL WITH UR TRADE :)
He made his point, I respect that. Thanks.
Fuck yeah man, HIGH FIVE!
*high fives*
in order to make an item valuable both supply AND demand are required, if the supply is too plentiful it will go cheap as everyone will lower their prices to sell it easily, even if there is a lot of demand these will not be that expensive considering the ease of access, however if the supply is low, such as uncraftable non-purchase weps, and the demand is lowm such as uncraftable non-purchase weps, it will still be cheap, if the supply is low and the demand is high prices will rise, just about noone actually wants to buy these and if they do they have over 100 sources to choose from, and they wont be outbidden by anyone else looking for it because fewer people want them than there are people who are selling them,

simply put getting over a key or so for this will take a loooooong time, the price is very very unlikely to rise again as noone really wants them. etc. etc.
Lol @ peoples who try to sell this "rare" (which isn't actually even rare, there are 2000+ uncraft volcano fragments) for a BUD.
This weapon real price should be one reclaimed, because it's little bit more "rare" than other uncraft weapons.
First, Its just a B/o. I already told countless times that I am aware nobody will even pay close the Bo. Second, the community is growing really fast, everyday lots of new players join the community, so yeah.
I respect your continuos replies to annoying people who keeps questioning your trade. You can hide this if you want, but all i would want to say is GOOD LUCK! and keep up the great replies to explain to them!! :)
There's an update, read the notes, first 3 lines and check the picture. Thanks for the comment.
I looked at the photo, and I must say. Having a Vintage lid is better because it consists of taunt, a misc, and a hat all in one and there's not many in vintage quality.
Does not change anything in the game, a regular lid does exactly the same thing as a Vintage Lid, but the Vintage one is obviously worth way more, because of its rarity.
and your point? My point was the lid if fay beyond better and more wanted and way more rare then this. There's only a handful of V. Lids, there's about 9k of this "rare" item you have.
I won't bother answer you, do me a favor and please Unhide every other post on this trade, you'll get your answers there.
i had problems selling one of these for 2 keys, i offer a bird man for it
C/o and Thank you for actually offering.
Spam, so much spam. I feel bad for you punch, I really do. While I personally do not see the value in these items (neither do the trolls apparently), it is a free market, and people can set their prices how they want to set them.

Good luck selling it, and I hope you get some actual offers :)
3 ref
wow. when you said you were patient, i guess you weren't kidding. i posted my comment 2 months ago. TWO MONTHS. patient indeed. Kudos.
I'm not even selling mine if that's anything. I can get why collectors collect. To feel they have something that is in few number and unobtainable. In a weird way, it makes them feel unique. Like someone with a strange festive bat might feel good because it is low in number and they feel they won something special.

I own an uncraft volcano axe and I'm very happy keeping it unless I get at least a bills. if it's price never rises, I will just remain one of the 0.0007405% of the tf2 community who will ever own one. (0.5% of svf's are uncraft, 14.81% of the tf2 community own a svf, therefore 0.5% of 14.81% is 0.0007405%)
This is just a B/o, I'm aware I won't sell it for that high. Thanks for the comment.
Eh? I was saying why it should be worth a bit dude haha
Oh I read it wrong, either way thanks for the comment.
Going to link your trade to mine, love the notes you wrote.
Oh man. Lol I'm getting a bunch of dumbasses commenting on mine now hahaha. Don't blame you though it's cool. It's just bound to happen, from how many idiots are on this site. (y)
That wasn't my intention :\ I wanted to help you since you have a strong argument written on your notes. If you want me to remove the link just tell me.
Whatever you want to do haha kinda just gives me people to ban.
Vegeta! Whats the rarity level?

ITS OVER 9000!!!
Damn right
At first i saw this trade and i was actually proud of the owner of a rare uncraft being intelligent, and then suddenly C/o'd birdman

I love how you list a bud and unusuals as what you aim to get and you even bother to list 3 refined as a current offer. Sad.
Every offer is an offer.
The logic behind these uncraft weapons are mainly "profit, profit, profit, do any means to profit" and when you question this logic the seller will act defensively. But, nevertheless it's his item and so coming here to post a comment about "highballers, highballing" or to defend this guy because you to wanna profit is something you should avoid doing. Either offer seriously, or leave.

Offering 2 keys if I get 2 rec back.
Thanks for the comment. C/oed.
Funny how every single one of these trades, fail to mention the fact that this item exists 1335 times as of today ( http://stats.teamfortress.org/item/348/Sharpened_Volcano_Fragment ).

Yes, they required $20 to be spent in order to have a small chance to get one; yes, no new ones can be obtained; but is that reason enough to make them rare? No, it's not. Limited supply is very different from rarity.

If an item is rare, and the supply limited, the item will remain rare for all eternity. If an item isn't rare, and the supply is limited (that's the case here), the item is just limited, no more no less.

It may be rare compared to most other uncraft weapons, that is true; but people claim it's rare on its own, and that is not true. A fairly rare item for example, is a clean non-gifttag Haunted Metal. Around 100 are known to exist. A very rare item is something like a

Also, this trade has been open for 4+ months, isn't that reason enough to believe these will never sell for a high price, unless it's to a misguided trader who has little to no knowledge of the concept of rarity?
A part got cut off, what I meant to write was: "A very rare item is something like a clean Spine-Cooling Skull".
I've been waiting for 4 months, I can wait another year if needed, someone will eventualy make a good enough offer and I'll accept, I already stated I am aware I won't be getting the Buds or an unusual by any means. Thanks for the comment.
Well, I salute your patience, I hope it gets rewarded in the end :) Patience is usually the best way to get a good price after all, for buying and selling things ^^
Thanks for the kind words, I actually want to have people writing on my trade so I can see their opinions and their thoughts.
And I just so happen to be there to provide that from time to time without calling people names, and going fullcaps with arguments like "People don't want it for that price, so I should report you and you're a noob" (often in a less coherent way to =p).
my friend it seems you truly need this website (i dont mean you i mean the people who comment here)
I have a Uncraft SOAS, i've recieved many messages like: "BUT DIS WEAPON IZ WORTH 1 SCRAP!1!111!!" Annoying as hell. Good Luck Selling It, Mate c:
Hey i really think those people who annoy you with their so scary and intimidating posts are faggots. I really admire these rare uniques, so ill offer a black painted large luchadore on it (: . I know its small, but just as a start for you before u prepare to get awesome offers :D
Thanks for the ocomment and for the offer!
No problem. I support you all the way! :D and like what the admin said. these uc weaps are no longer obtainable from the store after buying $20 or more. you should include that in ur notes :D
I did, theres a link too, I hope I can reach the BMOC I'm looking for.
Very interesting and popular trade.I am not offering but this is GREATE item.Many people dont know what is this item.GOOD LUCK MATE!
Thank you.
I was derping on this trade
And there was lots of offers saying:
"1 scrap or 2 weapons!".
MAAAN! I am not letting you lowball on this!


*If you dont get it: http://www...elated
I do get it, thanks for the funny comment! :)
I am a sharpened volcano fragment collector, and I will offer a Uncraft Lucky No. 42 + Genuine Neon Annihilator! (Sorry if it is too low)
Thats enough for the BMOC I'm looking for.