Could we work a deal with a Sunbeams Vintage Merryweather for that Berliners?
Enjoy the hat.
Thanks :D
how much money for snaggle
120 sound fair?
ehhhh... illlin think about it how much for brain slug?
I'd do 240 for the slug.
Stormy Storm picklehaube and a Blizzard One-Mann for the snaggletooth.
If I actually checked this site more often and didnt spend all my time on diablo 3, I would have taken that offer. samureye (3.5-4) for the snaggletooth?
Steaming VRH and orbiting planets elfin for the fez.
Stormy Storm Virtual Reality Set (tentative) slug
blizzard reggaelator (4) and orbiting fire one-man army(2-2.5) for the grenadiers softcap and sweets