hey, if you can wait until saturday id be willing to do the B/O price
Sure, I'd be willing to wait if you're offering pure. Add me if you want.
okay, i can get back to you and add you tomorrow but i wont have the buds until saturday
No worries man I can wait til Saturday. Just comment whenever ^^
Any update?
im really sorry about how long its been, i had to go out of town a little unexpected, i'd still like to buy your hat though if you are still selling it, i can add you tonight and trade when i get out of work tomorrow at about 4-5 o'clock. again, i'm sorry for leaving you hanging like this
That's fine dude, as long as you're still interested. Speak to you tomorrow :)
time warp salty dog if you add? I'd love this hat.
Certainly an interesting offer, how much do I need to add?
I value the salty dog at 4.5, so a bud. hopefully thats enough to reach your unusual buyout
It's tempting although I'd need to gather more keys. Will C/O this for now and give it some thought.
im fine with unusual or item offers in place of pure
Ok, well like I said I'll give it some thought. Currently waiting to hear back from the other guy but I do like the idea of this trade.
any word on this?
Hey, sorry for keeping you hanging. Other dude hasn't been online in 4 days. I'll probably do this if nothing comes along, I'll comment as soon as I decide.
i've got a couple of people offering on my salty dog, i told them no because i'm holding out for this hat. let me know as soon as possible what's going on, and just in case things don't work out, have this poster I made in honor of the season finale: http://i3....tD.png
That's one of the best SFM posters I've seen haha, wow nice job. I wish I could give you a more definite reply but the popularity seems to have picked up since the last episode. Will just see what happens.
Book marked, I will try to collect pure for your B/O.
Cool. Man I'm still blown away by that final episode.
:D i am a breaking bad fan myself
Gonna try and get that B/O myself, got around 2 buds in pure and items at the moment. Fucking love Breaking Bad
Nice, lots of people going for the b/o right now, like 2 people since the series finished. Hope to hear from you soon!
I finished mine! http://i.i...Al.jpg
dat finale.
Nice spray man. Yeah it was amazing, bitter-sweet but what can you say, it really was satisfying. Hard to believe in a sense, we knew it was going to end but I just found it hard to get over the final scene. It's funny cos shortly after the last ep 2 people posted they'd try and get 3 buds for it.
moustache + glasses provided?
Depends on the offer, if it's pure it comes with the Macho mann + plushy.