dpi.erico [TF2 Odds Collector]
Going to keep this short, to avoid confusion: I'm interested in Level 79 Botkiller Flame Throwers, just that Level :)

What I still need
Level 79 Rust Botkiller Flame Thrower
Level 79 Blood Botkiller Flame Thrower
Level 79 Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.I
Level 79 Gold Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.I
Level 79 Carbonado Botkiller Flame Thrower < shown in this trade as an example to clarify this trade's goal!
Level 79 Diamond Botkiller Flame Thrower
Level 79 Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.II
Level 79 Gold Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.II

Payment can be Keys/Metal, PayPal, random items I have for sale, etc.

My trades are usually quite extensive (i.e. a lot of text), but this is necessary when you're buying non-ordinary items,
so please read carefully what I'm after in each trade! In the long run it's a big time-saver for both of us :) Thanks for reading!!
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how do i check my diamond flamethrowers level
If you view your backpack on this site (others work too, but you're already on this site anyway :3), the Level is shown. Yours is a Level 1 version.
Dirty [DurpSquad]™
Hey man just a quick question, do you have to be a donator to get colored text?
Not that I know of, it's just something you have to write in the text, like this.
For colours you write "color=...." in brackets (these things: [ ]), where you replace ... with orange, red, cyan, lime, yellow, etc. And then behind the place you want the color effect to stop, you type "/color" in brackets. In full it becomes (I replaced [ and ] with { and } in this example): {color=orange}random text{/color}. Also, instead of using the names of colors, you can use HEX-codes, so you can have text be the same color as for example item qualities; Strange, Vintage, Haunted, etc.
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Despite your IMPOSSIBRU avatar, it's totally possibru!
Agent Kero
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Hi ?
Greetings ?
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Hi, I've an Rust Botkiller Flame Thrower for 2 keys
Send offer here : http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=41631763&token=rnxw-LM8

But that one's not Level 79.
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Idk what level it is.
But if its 79, here is my trade
The Level shows if you hover your mouse over the item, it's Level 1 ^^
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Oh this trade, well still not 79 anyway, that one's Level 3 ;)
Salem Jones
It's not about this weapons but
I got a level 99 Festive Black Box
I'll pass on that, already got one the Level I wanted.
i have a killstreak gold botkiller flamethrower with 1 part mk ll but it doesnt say what levl tho
The Level shows on some sites, including this one :) But it's Level 2 sadly, so I'll have to pass on your Botkiller.
yeah i dound it later
supreme asslord
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Sorry if this is not what you're looking for, but I have a level 79 Vintage Backburner, interested? :p
The off-leveled Vintages I have are my reason to collect Level 79 Pyro items! :) Which means I've already got a Level 79 v.Backburner ^^
supreme asslord
Kk, no probs :) Hiding this for space ^^
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Just wondering any interest in a scorching key? negotiable price
Also strife used to own it if that matters to you
I already have one I purchased from the TF2 Store myself, so I'll pass :)
ok gl trading :)
summertime sadness
Can I ask just what interests you about lv 79?
It's the central number for my Pyro-specific collection, which originally started with a set of the v.off-leveled weapons.
Shine | MannCo.Trade
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gold botkiller flamethrower mk I 2.3 keys
i have a Diamond Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.I but it's lvl 1 interested? add me on steam
Already have a Level 1, I'm just after 79s now ;)
specialized blood flame?
I already have a Level 1 version, so I'm just after 79s now ^^
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I have a golden mk1 flamethrower with strange part: robots destroyed meaning its 4.2-4.4 keys
Imma offer you a trade offer...
For some reason i cant send you a trade offer.
So i sent you a friend request accept it and lets trade.
I got a golden mk1 flamethrower with strange part: Robots destroyed.
Meaning that the price is 4.2-4.4keys.
Yeah only people on my friendlist can send me trade offers, so that's why :3 But I'm after Level 79 versions of these unfortunately, and yours is Level 5.
Mkay then...
trade me
i have a strange weapon with stranges parts
I'm only after Level 79 versions though ;)
jesus dude. go for 69 not 79 -_-
Why not my own preferred level? ;3
Can you chech my level diamond flame? :3
You can see it in your own trade (or outpost inventory) though ;) But it's Level 5!
I have a Strange Silver Botkiller Mk.I
But is it Level 79?
Think its 80
The one in your trade was Level 1 though, but it doesn't really matter as long as it isn't 79, at least to my collection =p
Im selling my Silver Botkilelr, i cant trade offer sum reason. mine is not lvl 79 but i need the metal badly
But unfortunately I don't really trade anymore, it's pretty much just collecting, so I'm gonna have to pass if it's not Level 79 I'm afraid.
well, thanks anyway, but can you miss some 3 ref please
Not for something I don't want/need, as that's just a direct downgrade for me, as I would then have to wait indefinitely for it to sell again.
well, i understand, bye
I'm glad, and good luck with the sale buddy :)
Critical Hit
i have a i have a Strange Specialized Killstreak Carbonado Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.I
I'll pass on that, but thanks anyway!
Stupid level 78... I was so close :l
Oh wow XD
αdαмαηт ☄
Every time you had to tell some nub you were only after Lv 79 I died a little inside at their amazing ability of not being able to read. Goodluck.
At least there's still people that keep my hopes up, thanks c:
Why only lvl 79?
It's the level I collect specifically for Pyro items :)
Got Diamond Botkiller Flamethrower
Oh wow, and it's Level 78.. so close to 79 XD
darn! you aren't accepting 78?
I'm afraid not, 79 only ;)
hi i have a blood mk1 flamethrower botkiller how much are you willing to give me for it ?
Heey there! It doesn't seem to be Level 79 though, and that's a requirement for me.
presidont of stanferd
Hey, sorry for the spam, but can I ask, why exactly are you looking for 79? Just curious c:
It's the level I collect for Pyro items, because the Vintage off-levels I've had for years are Level 79 also :)
Actually, just the Vintage off-levels for Pyro, each of the 6 classes with such items have their own level.
Armin [LV]
Hello, sorry that write here, but one time u was interested in level 0 pyro killstreak kits, i end tours 256 and get Killstreak Back Scratcher Kit, u interested in it?
Heey there, yeah I'm trying to get a Level 0 version of each type of Killstreak Kit, and the reason I took the regular one off the list is because I have a Phlogistinator's now. But I'd be willing to trade it for the Back Scratcher one, just a matter of waiting for the expiration date on the trade restriction to end =p
Can you offer you spec ks gold flame thrower mk.II with some parts??
I'll pass on that, unless it'd have been lvl 79 =p
my bot killers are not showing a level can you tell me what this means
It most likely means you were looking at them on a site that doesn't show their levels (or in-game), the official Steam bp viewers have a lot of info they're not showing for some reason. But the ones in your trade are lvl 2 and lvl 25.
Hello this may be a bit irrelevant but i see you collect weird things so.... I have seen a level 0 botkiller scatter gun in the market. Do you know the price for it, or an estimate?
I havne't seen enough lvl 0 Botkiller sales to know a price or estimate, but I do know that the Gold Mk.II Flame Thrower I have cost me 5 Keys at the time. If prices have stayed about the same for an extended amount of time, then I assume a lvl 0 Botkiller Scatter would cost more than a Flame Thrower. But it does depend on the type of Botkiller I imagine.
i got the Strange Specialized Killstreak Diamond Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.I
Not of the right level though
oki but why does it need to by on that lvl?
79 is the number I get for Pyro items, so lvl 79 weapons/cosmetics, Stranges with 79 kills, etc.
so you wanne get an collection with weapons and cosmetics that are 79 lvl?
You can reply to people's replies btw, you don't have to make a new chain of comments each time ^^ But yes sort of, I don't buy just any Pyro item and get a lvl 79 version, I still only trade for specific items, but those items are lvl 79 most of the time :)
oki nice
would you buy a gold spec ks flamethrower with halloween fire for 4 keys?
No thanks, I'll pass on that.
Oh man, it's been quite a while since I last commented my friend! What has been? 2 years? I don't have anything to offer but I just had to stop bye to say hi :)
Time flies! Heey bud, how's it going? :)
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hey im interested in the gold botkiller flametrower mk.I
If you were logged in you'd be able to reply to this trade!