added 4 shotgun
jarate for .33
I Can sell you the s jarate for 0.33
added for the jarate
  • MYI
got the jarate
Added for jarate
added for jarate
Added for shotty
Added for babyface
Scatter gun strange for 2.66
i have shotgun and rocket
A key for S. Y. E. R. ??
I sent a trade offer
Strange Baby Face's Blaster 1 ref buying !!

add me !
Added for baby face blaster
ill sell my Strange Jarate for .55
added to baby
How about this... A babyblaster with Strange Part: Medics Killed That Have Full ÜberCharge for 1.33 ref
added for s karate
affer send
add jarate
Added for baby
Added for Jarate.
add baby face blaster
I got a baby face's blaster with parts i will sell for 2 ref
Im a rocket launcher:
Strange Rocket Launcher- 5 refs
Name Tag- 3.33 : 2= 1.66
Kills While Explosive Jumping- 2refs= 1ref
Demomen Killed- 2refs= 1ref
Long Distance Kills- 1.66refs= 0.83ref
TUDO= 9,49refs= 1 key and 2 refs
You still buying shotguns for same price?
Sent trade offer
i have a jar
Added for strange Baby
add me
Added for baby
Selling a vintage loch and load
jarate m8
I'll give ya a jarate. 1 ref.
Sent Add for baby
got jarate
Rocket launcher and stickybomb with domination,crit and solly strange part for 3/4 keys c:
added for jarate
added to sell rocket launcher
Added for Jarate.
Added for Baby Face Blaster
if you want a scattergun with scouts kill( one key) parts killed
ill sell it to you for 1 key and 3 ref
Added for scatter Gun
added for the scatter gun