Unpainted mask + 1 key for your black mask? Sure you don't need more :3
How much for the merryweather?
2 ref for procedure mask? this is negotible btw
my gold dr whoa plus alittle metal for urs?
2 keys for mask?
I can do 3 keys 1 ref for merry
not even sure though cause you are highballing
8 ref for dr whoa?
My V. backburner + cozy camper for your named V. backburner?
.33 for ur backburner
isit ok?
1:1 with Pile of hats and schadenfreude
4 ref for tower
Np, But is that a yes or no that i can get the hat for that price ? :)
2 keys + 1 ref for mask
ill take pillar for 4.66ref
are you looking to downgrade your pillar?
how much for the Dr. Woah?
Can I trade you a pre-wrapped Spine Twisting Skull for the Vintage Tower?
4 keys on the axtiguisher
5 Ref for the Vintage Towering Pillar (max spreadsheet price cause of the nametag)
Sorry, purchased already.
ill give key and ref metal for pillar
i'll give you v hot rod+ clear fedora for pillar
Reggaelator + YWN = .66 for Tower
With spreadsheet prices, thats 4.33-4.66
4 Ref for Vintage Tower.?
Would you do a Normal tower + a gold reggealator?