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[TH] suntarat_kunmark1998
[) Selling an Unusual Baron van Havenaplane Lv. 60 | Effect: Kill-A-Watt (]
Only three exist in the whole world.

B/O - 5 Buds
C/O - Cloud 9 Tungsten Toque + Stormy Storm Master's Yellow Belt + Smoking Connoisseur's Cap (Total: Close to 4 Buds)

*current offers from TOP to BOTTOM : BETTER to WORSE

Paypal is not the most reliable way in my opinion, but I will accept. Although you must be the first to act.
If I scam (not saying I will, and I won't) you can steamrep me as a scammer, and get me banned. Here is the site:

Offer below.
Here is my other trade in -
Pingo Doce
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A planets executioner? I may be able to add a little?
Add a little? Add a bud and we're good.
If you'd offer your Swagman's Swatter, we could seal the deal.
Hmm, It's a nice hat, but I don't have enough to add and I'm not very interested in selling the swagman .Good look selling though!
What are your sweets though? I may be able to negotiate. :)
I could only add about 3 keys in items and 4 keys pure, which is .37 buds currently. :c If I had more to add I would mate, just kinda low in items right now.
(just saying, you have a chance here to jump to a stable, solid, old hat/effect, from your new hat/effect, so you'd probably be able to sell this easier)
retracted :c
✔✚ HaZy ☢✘ BE
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Stop using your mom's credit card.
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time warp electric escorter + big kill
No thank you.. I don't really like robo-hats, but I do like robo-effects... if you throw in your Hat with No Name I will consider.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.