Looking for all sorts of offers on all my unusuals, promos, keys, ref, etc.
Their current offers can be found on their respective trades:
ALSO accepting paypal on ALL my items @the rate of 1 Key = $1.89

Approximate buyouts of items/Unusuals being sold:

- Circling TF logo Samur Eye: 2 Buds
- Steaming Hustlers Hallmark: 1.8 Buds
- KIll-a-Watt Company Man: 13 Buds
- Stormy Storm Degroot: 2 Buds
- Stormy Storm Bonk Boy: 4.2 Buds
- Kill a Watt Bonk Helm: 3 Buds
- Electro-static Lucky Shot: 5 Buds

- V. Dead Ringer LVL99: 6 Keys

- BMOC: 20 Keys

All offers besides pure are strictly meant to be overpayment.
All offers on my promos or pure keys/metal are to be quicksells (UNUSUALS AND ITEMS AND PROMOS!)

Have a great day and feel free to add me to discuss.
Circling TF Sober Stuntman for Samur-eye?
nope sorry.
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Steaming Modest and 10 keys for the bonk helm?
Noted although youre lacking in the keys and im not too much of a fan of steaming.
It is all- class and worth 2.8-3 buds. That said I can do 15
If you manage to scrounge up your offer together, feel free to add me for a discussion. Only thing thats hooking me in is that its an all class =p
Added for discussion, I have the keys readily available
retracted, bought another hat
Company Man + Bonk Boy + Bonk Helm for a Kill-a-Watt War Pig?
Interesting, love the war pig but id be more interested if it were an old effect rather than new.
I'll add you to discuss further
Cook Jackie
Orbiting Fire Brown Bomber (all class hat) painted Spectral Spectrum, interested?
Depends what youre offering on though.
Anal Reptile
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bubbleing soldered sensei + 5 keys for samur?
nope ill pass.
Peace Sign Trilby and Smoking Grim for the bonk helm?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.