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Multi Unusual Offers Here
Detective Noir Aces High is beautiful! :)
Working hard to get some buds soon, I'll keep you posted if I ever get enough.
Swiggity Swagger
Thanks Noctis, did you see my individual trade? Thx man
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aces high capos for the tin gallon
Swiggity Swagger
I have an individual trade for the tin gallon, offer on there.
Alien Daze
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Planets Crone's + Dead Presidents Letch's LED for the Beak?
Swiggity Swagger
nope thx
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If you don't want to that's fine but would you take 5 buds and a holiday headcase on The beak?
Stormy Beak , Miami Blokes ( sniper hat) , White Bills for the beak?
Swiggity Swagger
I am a Frayed Knot, its low for me
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.