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Currier Bell
Got a level 100 Force-a-nature right here.

Looking for key/metal offers. Also highly interested in stranges that are from salvaged/reserve/festive crates.

Please do not add me, offer below.
Would u be interested in my collection? I was collecting some level 49 vintage weapons, also have level 49 regular Lollichop. The vintage collection contains: Vintage Pyrovision goggle, V.Cloak and dagger, V.Sandman, V.Razorback, V.Natascha, V.Ubersaw, V.Killing gloves of boxing, V.Flaregun, V.Deadringer, V.Axtinguisher, V.Deadringer and regular Lollichop!
Why I collected level 49: In japanese the "4" is pronounced the same as "pain", and "9" is pronounced the same as "death", also cool because in Japan there are no hotel rooms with number 4 or 9 cause of that! :D
Currier Bell
No thank you.
unfunny jewish sitcom
3 keys
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.