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$150 PayPal, 5 buds or equivalent items on my wishlist to the value of 5 buds.

As far as I know there are less than 5 of this hat with this effect - Rare hat - Rare effect.

Will use a SR trusted middleman. I'm trusted on SR too and am Admin on this website.

I have no rep as of yet as I'm just getting into unusual trading.
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I wanna be a desk.
Seems legit.
hug sports
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Stormy Storm Ye Olde Baker Boy+S. Holy Mackerel

The Stormy Baker Boy Can Be Subsituted WIth a LVL 100 Smoking Tossle Cap+Equivalent Of 10 Keys (Most REGULAR Items that are lvl 100 go for 1 buds)
No thanks, I only want promo items or money as I need the cash - Thanks for the offer though :)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.