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Its that time of year. Be the envy of your team with this mild halloween effect on a classic retired hat. Mild don't stick out like a sore thumb when trying to snipe. =)

Setting the buyout at 5 buds but willing to listen to offers.

Remember....buds are in the toilet so they aren't worth what they used to be.

Post all offers here as I do NOT accept random adds.
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Want to buy as fast as possible, I will offer a memory leak your worst nightmare being at no price. Since the overclocked effect is 6 buds and it looks the same but green, it will be around the 6 bud pricerange. And your unusual is 3.4 buds
I dont accept an 8 month old price from a crap price sheet as being valid. Its Halloween and Im asking for 6. I would definitely never 1:1 with your hat regardless of what anyone says its worth. Thanks anyways.
well this is the only good offer you are going to get. regardless of what you think, just because it has ghost doesnt mean people are gonna pay extra for it due to halloween.
Regardless of what you are saying, it still is in no way the same value as a YWN.
Check this out †
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Short Circuit
I offer my 100% clean, 1 of 1 on market Kill-a-Watt Larrikin Robin worth 5 buds for your Sniper unusual.
Great effect but sadly, I dont play scout. Thanks anyways.
Short Circuit
Robin is for Sniper.
Is it really? Odd, would be perfect for the scout. My bad but still Im going to pass. Thanks anyways.
disco larrikin?
I would have taken the killawatt one over disco, but thanks anyways.
Sunbeams Noir
Not a bad hat and the price isnt that far off....but I truly would never use it. Thanks anyways.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.