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Currier Bell
Got a full crate #60 collection.

Feel free to offer on the set.
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3keys pomson
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2 keys, 19 ref, and a horror game called the damned.
Currier Bell
No thanks, not at all interested in games.
How about s. mantreads and a s. pistol w/ defenders, soldiers, and dominations instead?
That's about 8 keys.
Currier Bell
8 Keys is too low for the full set. And those being in items makes it even less appealing.
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I would commit up to 11 should I get that soon. And my offer is over half pure and it's the best so far, regardless of its being to low.
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So, you won't even consider negotiating or responding to 11... how do you expect to sell this? I am interested if you work with me. Convince me not to buy these separately. Because I can do that really easily.
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3 keys for the Disciplinary action?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.