$HFH$ that_damn_red_hoovy
BO: 10 pure, 11 in unusuals. this hat is 1 OF 1 in existence

CO: burning grimme + bubbling modest + BMOC
Dub Bozz Cat
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Cloud 9 practicioner?
its low but I appreciate the offer
shitt ahh i really want this hat :P How much would I have to add? I have a gbh honcho as well, but I'm afraid that's a little out of the price range.
we could 1:1 the honcho but I dont like the hat/ effect
Hmm add your all father and beak and deal :)
i said I do not like the hat/effect. get another hat with a different effect and ill consider
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Hey, you offered on my grimm. It was a random guy that commented and I didn't have anything with it to do. Good luck with your trade.
if your willing to take my offer ill reconsider
chief of state
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DBD AA plus sweets (collecting)
Shiny Ninetales
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kill-a-watt modest
am wulf
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Burning Grimm Hatte.
maybe if you add. I like the grimm hatte
am wulf
I'll add a Bubbling Modest and BMOC.
CO ill leave this offer up for few days.
offer accepted
am wulf
Yeah, don't got the Grimm no more, can't do it.
what do you have instead of the grimme?
am wulf
Burning Fedora.
I would still accept hat if your interested
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My whole BP except the Bill's for it
Link: http://backpack.tf/id/masalisko
im sorry but even with the bills it wouldnt be enough. plus I would have to resell all that stuff
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Overcloaked TC? if you add 1 - 2 keys?
ok, i just saw that you only do 1:1, but are you interested in 1:1?
maybe if its totaly clean. i would have to think about it
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Spellbound Gatsby?
not a fan of the new holoween effects. sorry
np mate :) no interest at all? i could add a bit.
hmm. what kind of offers has it had
Time warp robo pickel+Logo Headwarmer, Phos Waxy+1budish in sweets and its C/O on a Disco Tyrantium (roboversion) atm :)
ill think about it
Yo, I can offer an all class overclocked modest pile of scrap, bubbling billycock, and some keys
Im not a fan of the robo modest or that effect really, and bubbling is hard to sell. I appreciate the offer though
Harvest juju
added to discuss
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.