• Completed
moon swagmans + g.fetti ballcap?
beams fed-fightin fedora(new scout hat) for veil+offer.. i have offer like 23 buds in unusuals and 19 in promo.. if u are interesting add me for talking.. gl
Moon drill hat? Add me.
I can add a lvl 100 fetti geisha boy and a steaming geisha boy.
LOL kid post your own post, dont post on mine. make ur own idiot.
Burning VRH + Green Energy Pyromancer
Moon drill+black mutton chops+bubbling marauder, add me.
Clean Blizzy TC (12) + Steaming Brown Bomber (5) + Blizzy Hound Dog (2) or Clean Blizzy TC (12) + Stormy Veil (7)
Beams fed fighting fedora.
Ghost veil + scorching croc slouch
Vivid plasma anger
trophy belt burning flames + 10 pure buds for villains ! ?
2 Holiday Headcase + bmoc
2 holiday headcase + 2 bmoc + ebenezer
Just asking whether your veil offer is tentative still? I put some thought into your offer and it could be even worth considering.