$HFH$ that_damn_red_hoovy
looking for 19 pure or 25+ in unusuals

CO: 625$
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Secret Softcap
I dont like the hat and its low. but I love the effect
I don't see how its low, other owner has been offered 14 pure, 16 pure, 18 pure, and 22+ in unusuals lol
I want 25+ in unusuals and 29 pure. read
19 pure
gud for you bro, but anyways i just wanted to be the first offer in 5 days, srry lel
btw a c/o that high needs some proof, just saying.
reported for posting something not related to the trade and blocked for insulence
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Your C/O is above your BO for pure, i assume its fake
im brokering this hat. I have to consult the owner of the hat before I take anything. if it was mine I would of already taken it
can you provide proof?
Im looking in my offers tab for his trade and our conversation on it but I cant seem to find it
my outpost does this to me all the time
Thats my offer of 625$, It's real. And if thats what we are talking about.
lol yes it is. and im ready to accept if you have the money my freind
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1 of 1 Hellfire tyrolean, short/clean history, "best" pentagram effect, gotten several nice offers on it. Just got it yesterday. A response would be appreciated ~
your only offer I see is a miami private eye. and I already have a substantial pure offer
I had a few offers on a trade server I go on, I only bumped the trade about 5 times, since I've gotten up about 2 hours ago and you've had that pure offer for a while.
im more interested in unusual overpay to be honest but I will not go below 25 bud unusuals at this point because I have a 20 bud pure offer
Ok well good luck
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.