Neinlovecraftian Horror
Selling these glitched painted unpaintables. The paint doesn't change how the item looks in game. It's more of a collector item because only a few exist. There are some items I have for sale that aren't "showing" in this trade but that I'm still willing to sell. Check the first page of my backpack.

The Spectralnaut has a Voices from Below spell and is painted Putrescent Pigmentation.
The Halloweiner is painted Sinister Staining.
The Second Opinion has a Voices from Below spell.

The deep voice spells work and aren't normally able to be attached to misc. items.

Spectralnaut - 5 Keys
Mucous Membrain - 7 Keys
Maniac's Manacles - 6 Keys
Second Opinion (with voice spell) - 6 Keys
Second Opinion (without voice spell) - 5 Keys

I will be selling for the above prices whenever my buyer stocks up some Keys. So... hopefully soon. If you're still interested leave an offer and I'll try to get back to you ASAP, thanks.
A Cake Wearing A Hat
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Feel free to hide this ASAP, but thanks for the advice yesterday.
No problem. Good luck!
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Any idea how they were painted originally, just out of curiosity?
I think other people would be mad at me if I told. I don't think you can do it anymore though... otherwise I'd have a lot more.
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Goddammit, I did the same to my Das Blutliebhaber and they updated it to accept paints....huh
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Fyi these become unpainted when they become traded. They shouldnt be worth more in that case
Since when?
I just checked and it still stays on.
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No. I traded mine to someone and they got unpainted
Well I traded my Chicken Kiev back and forth and the paint is still on it. I guess that makes it more rare?
Actually the guy you sold to still has them painted. At least it still shows up on here.
OOooooh I know what happened. I sold my items to a guy who already had the haunted items in a collection. then he sold his unpainted ones because he had extra. oooh yeah sorry about that. lol
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about how much are you looking for on the second opinion?
I've only had offers with it included in sets and mine is one of a kind so I'm not really sure. I probably would sell it alone for about seven Keys.
i'll keep this bookmarked and will consider it
I added you to talk.
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blizz little buddy for Mucous Membrain and Maniac's Manacles and halloweiner?
Thanks for the offer, it's a good offer but I'd much prefer pure.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.