Would you do a Smoking Softcap for the Blackbox?
planets flamenco for the blutsauger
Hey if you ever get a Collector's sandvich hit me up, my friend is looking for a good price on that. So if you ever get one just contact me I can offer pure/cash.
collectors persian persuader for eyelander
20 keys for cloak n dagger
Wow...Just, I'm speechless, You collected all these?..Let me bow down to your greatness :D
t-watt connosseurs for kritz? sorta tentative
do you accept unusuals?
my engie set for widow?
Chiroptera Venenata Dread Knot (highest offers 4 in unusual and 3.5 pure)
kritz + black box
a collectors amputator or a searing blokes bucket hat for a collectors kritz or collectors original
1 bud pure tentative for solemn vow.

btw, lost dawg no longer has the orbiting planets flamenco in their bp
Unusual Gentlemen's Gatspy w/overclocked
For eyelander
shit,its a beatifull :)
I'd like to add you to discuss the eyelander.
Will do so with permission when notified.
  • dj
Would you 1:1 a collector blutsauger for the collector black box?
15 keys for black box
a craft 99 golf bag worth 1.7 buds for the black box
Just wow.
You are truly a collector.
Are you interested in a collectors ali babas wee booties for the black box
ill take a brass beast + KGB + sandvich for my baron with killawatt (goes for 6.5 to 7 on outpost)
+ sweets
How did u get this so much? Are U REALLY LUCKY or u bought them?
How in the world did you get so many collectors?
just curious
Collector's Flying Guillotine + 6 ref for Black Box
Collector's widowmaker for the vita saw.
idk if a sf sapper is liss than 15 keys if so, i apologise for spam but would you accept it for the eyelander?
  • Moi
What if you collect 200 collectors items and make a collectors collectors.
Yo dawg, I heard you like collectors
Strange festive crusaders crossbow for eviction notice
collectors amby for box
Collector's Black Box: 1 Bud.
How do you get those?
You should request proper spelling