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Hey guys, im selling these nice pyro unusuals for keys, buds, golden weapons or unusual offers.

O.Fire Pyromancers= 3 bud B/O
Bubbling Brain Slug= 2.5 bud B/O
Smoking Hoodie= 2.5 bud B/O
These are the classes that i wouldnt mind getting an unusual for
-Medic ( to some extent)
-Pyro (to some extent)
Please leave your hat name and effect down below and i will look at them then i get on
Happy Trading!
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Collector's Lollichop for mask? C:
not taking collectors items sorry
ahboom yadunnow
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cloud 9 Cadaver's Cranium for the mask
Ehh, since its a heavy hat can u add a couple sweets? If not then add me for discussion
ahboom yadunnow
added u :)
I will be on later
Abdula Admi
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.