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Exostomp™ |
Hey guys!!!!
NOT Buying ATM!
Im buying ANY craftable Wrangler for 1 scrap each!
I will buy in bundles also.
3 wranglers = 1 rec
9 wranglers = 1 ref
And i will even go as high as to give u a key for 60 wranglers!
Hurry and tell your friends!
If u have a wrangler that u wanna sell then add me!
If i dont answer right away then that means im busy but will be on later!
Have fun trading!
added/ 12 wranglers
33 now
kk added u, message me when your on :P
The Negromancer
added i have some wranglers to sell to u
The Negromancer
cant find u on steam, add me instead pls
u can just press the *add on steam* button but alright xD
The Negromancer
Your'e moms' hou's
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1 wrangler
I have more, Msg me when you want them :)
Mrs Toughsox
I have over 30 on my alt and have added you. I will drag them over when you contact me as they take up too much room. =)
K i will be on later
I have another 56 if you need them, i'll msg you later
got 3 more, added you
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.