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you can be happy about getting 2 ref
I can be happy without your comment ;)
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you are retarded?
No.But im sure your mother was when she decided to have you ;)
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I give you 1 refined .. and I'm risking
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scam... hahahahaa.;... Thats 1.33 .. 1.66 clean
This is a fucking collector's item,very fucking rare.How retard can you be writing without any knowledge about lvl's,craftable items,non craftable items and stuff??
It cannot be obtained in uncraftable version and maybe it's the only one at this lvl in game.I just say on market because i'm not 100% sure of this.
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i bought this uncraftable for 1.33 today....its not very rare....u found this hat as uncraftable everytime here on outpost..... and how give's a fuck for lvl 31? only in the game?? DUDE!!!.... this dont change the price for items like this one... its a super normal hat...
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only one in the game*
Generic C
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Looks like a good trade!
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What a ripoff
Toast the Fabulous
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There are a lot more than one of these out there....
link please?
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I am interested in the hat.
1. Because I am collecting uncraft halloween themed hats level 31 and 13
And 2. Because it is such a high price. I would expect an overpay, yes, probably like a refined more or 2. But why 4 Keys, isn't that abit too high priced?
Don't just hide this comment, please at least give a valid reason. I'm sure others will want to know why as well.
Because it's a collector's item?And it's rare?And only this one is available for trade?That guy didn't know what he sold and i was too lazy to add him and explain.And yeah..It cannot be obtain anymore from shop in not usable in crafting version It's not that you are forced to buy..
And yeah,even if will take 2 years i will not drop the price too much..Maybe 3 keys but not less
Well, good luck with selling.
what if i pooped
I feel terribly bad for you lol. Will you spamming douches please leave this man's trade? This is a unique hat, and if you don't agree simple don't comment. Good luck selling this super themed hat!
Creeping Python
Just a kind note, if you actually wanna sell this hat in the before u hit the 3 month mark I suggest you lower the price to 1-2 keys TOPS. Although this item IS 1 of 1 on the market, the demand is almost nothing; most people in the past sold em for 1.33 ref sooo yeah. Just a thought
Goddam Scammers
Don't listen to those people. I'd love to buy that hat if I had the ammount of keys.
While what you are asking for may be a bit steep, it is a themed level for a crones dome and is very rare, so people please stop spamming this guy.
Thanks m8 :)
Nice collectors hat, good kuck selling it, ignore those faggot spammers ;)
I pay this price when it's lvl 69.
There are 2 uncraftable lvl 69 on Outpost.I think you can take one much cheaper than this ;)
http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19332538 :)) way cheaper than yours actually
I don't think he knows about the theme on the hat..Thanks for the tip.It's mine now ;)
Zan (rx8)
Other than the level, craftable or not, i'm interested in it because of the halloween spell ;)
Trying to get some keys and buy it, I'll keep you informed!
sure thing.i can also accept tickets instead ofkeys :P.Playing mvm alot
Zan (rx8)
Ok, well i found a crone's dome with a spell that i like more, anyways good luck selling yours, thoose things (items with halloween spells) are getting rare and hopefully worthed moar and moar :D
It's fine,gl
Kotomanly Kirei
lel, all fucking halloween items are lvl 31, because 31 october=halloween
Interesting hat, I do agree it is worth a bit because of the level and the rarity, but it's not there, I would ask 2 keys tops because of the spell, the level is themed, I know but it's the facts, you can change whatever you would like, but would anyone buy it?
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all those noobs above that dont know that it's rare....
I have spectral spectrum baggies my self :D
i just wanted to know what spell they really are because my shows chormatic but they are spectral and if i like the spell i could offer my baggies :D
just saw that they were level 69 XD
The spell will come next year aswell so dode it matter that it has a spell NO.
i can give u a bolt boy
3 keys and sweets
sounds nice.what sweets?
taunt, metal and craft hat
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.