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Currier Bell
Currently have 7 keys and a white bills. Please do not offer hats for more than that. Not expecting much since getting a Stovepipe, but we'll see.

Interested in these effects: Searing Plasma, P. Confetti, Orbiting Planets
Not interested in these effects: N&B, Bubbles, Logo, Storm/Blizzard

I do not want Heavy/Sniper/Scout hats, Demoman/Soldier/Engineer are preferred.

Listed are my favorite hats, just in case.
How much would you pay for an Orbiting Planets Stove?
I've added you to discuss.
The Crack Fox
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How about an Buckaroo's hat with Green Confetti?
Currier Bell
I'd be somewhat interested. How much were you asking?
The Crack Fox
white Bill's hat (or 7 keys) + 4 keys + items/metal worth 1 key (or 1 key)?
Currier Bell
Would you do it for a straight white Bill's and 4 keys?
The Crack Fox
I'm afraid not. I already take a bit of risk by accepting a bill's hat since their value is not as stable as keys and 'm below backpack price already
Currier Bell
Well I appreciate the offer, but I'm going to have to hold at that. Good luck trading in the future.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.