Swiggity Swagger
Professional Killstreak Wrench.......SOLD

Professional Rainblower Kit
Main Pyro Weapon with [Tornado Eyes / Emerald Sheen] Beautiful
1 Bud or offers

Pics Soon
that!!! XD
i have a pro kit for the smg would you trade your wrench for it?
Swiggity Swagger
Wrench is a primary weapon on Engy, the smg is secondary, so no, not real interested in secondary weapons. Thanks for the offer though.
that!!! XD
lol wrench is melee engi weapon if you look at the weapon slot
Swiggity Swagger
Meh, wrench is kinda the primary on engy, really... You get the most kills with the wrench
that!!! XD
what about for the rain blower?
Snabba Sivert
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Vintage professional killstreak huntsman
Sheen. Vilainous Violet
Killstreaker/eyeeffect: cerebal Discharge
1:1 with the wrench?
11 herbs and spices
Orbiting Planets Ze Goggles for the Rainblower Kit
Swiggity Swagger
I might do that, add me
11 herbs and spices
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.