$HFH$ that_damn_red_hoovy
offer on mah crap
This post was hidden by the trade owner.
My unusual pyromancer mask for ur tree
XD omg thats the biggest lowball I think ive ever seen
u ask people offer and very few people see it and u still talk to people like this
confirm no one wan to offer ur items
dude i put the trade up a few minutes ago. and besides I dont like the way your talking to im not only going to reject your offer here and the one on my other trade but im also going to block you
I can offer a Noble Nickel w/ Terror-Watt and a Cyborg Stuntman w/ Demonflame on that Arcana Tree.
hate the hats, sorry
Anything else in my backpack interest you?
your other trees
Sorry i only have ~25 keys in items so i cant really offer on anything but Gymmixs guy i swear i've seen so many times before. Sorry for spam and all but he pretty much tries to ridiculously lowball on pretty much any trade i've seen him in (and then still treats the trade owner like he owns the trade). Had to get it out of my system and let someone know. good luck selling :)
he not only lowballed the hell out of me but then commented on my profile saying im a bad trader lol
lol well he's obviously a pro very good trader.
wtf how did
he manage to get a bubbly team captain?! sorry i accidentally hit enter up there
thats pretty cheap
Broccoli Rob
Phosphorous Company Man for the Tree?
g fetti modest for the tree ;-; sorry if I lowballed not too sure of price for tree
tree is around 16
Ah ok, way out of my price range, thanks for the reply. :)
thanks for the offer, i love the modest
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.