Every hobo's dream come true. RIght here. Right now.

- A cone on your head (✓)
- A cloud to provide you shelter and shade (✓)
- An infinite supply of moonlight to guide your maniacal ways of life and your undying flame (✓)

Plis I do not know why you wouldn't want dis.
REALLY interested in Strange Festive offers.

B/O: 4 Buds for 4 pairs of ears.
Notable Offers:
- 2.5 Buds/ Miami Nights Metal Slug (private add)
- Hellfire Nano --> Mifich
- Burning Nano --> Trolling Stones
1 of 1 pure as i know hellfire nanobalaclava
noted but ill pass. Not interested in nanobalaclavas as well as unpriced unusuals due to their unstability.
well actually if u go to my trades with nano uļl see that offers are stated 3+ buds
Lil Kodak
A Burning Nanobalaclava?
noted but looking for more.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.