Sixty nine level 69 Spellbook Magazines. Yes I am selling a collection of 69 level 69s.

You can be the owner of the largest collection of TF2 Wizard Porn, aka Caster's Quarterlys, aka LEVEL 69 Spellbook Magazines on the market. I'm not going to gouge you on price; that wouldn't be very wizardly of me. I will pass on this wonderful collection of adult entertainment at the price of 1 ref per magazine - which would be 69 ref (9 keys 6 ref).

NOT SELLING THEM INDIVIDUALLY. ONLY SELLING AS A SET: 69 level 69 spellbook magazines for 69 ref.

69 69s for 69 ref.

Price is FIRM.

No haggling. This took a while to collect, so please - serious inquiries only.

Add me to buy.
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I just got herpes
Congrats! :)
Only from the best
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.