Swiggity Swagger
Looking for offers on this Professional Diamond Botkiller Minigun

Killstreaker: Incinerator
Sheen: Deadly Daffodil

Looking for around 2 buds
Best offers so far - 1 bud

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El Dios Papí
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12 keys for the diamond?
Swiggity Swagger
Maybe, if it was just a diamond my keen friend, but this is a special one. Fire comes out of thine eyes laddy. Making it much more expensive :)
El Dios Papí
lol in wat hell would i offer 12 keys for a diamond minigun??? i do realize it is a lowball tho new offer: 1 bud
Swiggity Swagger
Honestly, the offer would have to be close to 2 buds for me to sell it
El Dios Papí
oh shit i think ill wait until the hype dies down to buy one then good luck man
Swiggity Swagger
No problem, thx for offering
I agree. 2 buds. Im not offering but i got onetwo and dont golower than 2 buds
Swiggity Swagger
Yes, very nice. Anytime you want to trade miniguns let me know, it would be nice to change every once in a while
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.