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"Not all treasure is silver and gold, Jack Sparrow."

Selling this amazingly themed Unusual Misty Skull Tricorne.
1 of 2 on the market and a very high tier on this hat.
Love the great series and got a great offer? Feel free to add me up for offers AND a long fanboy discussion :3

Screenies: http://gya...bdf17a

B/O: 7.5 Buds
Notable Offers:
- Cloud 9 Stormin Norman
- Scorching HWAH + 3 Keys
- Scorching Larrikin + sweets
- Miami Nights Flamenco
- Miami Nights Headwarmer if i add.

Please do not add me, id prefer you offering below.
big ass afro
cloud 9 stormin norman
noted but not a fan of the hat/effect.
big ass afro
sry i posted on your other trade as well :D how about lucky shot plus tricorne for tartan spartan then?
nope sorry. and np.
max turtle
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Tentative Scorching Helmet W/O a Home.
thanks for the offer, let me know when you have a more certain offer i could take note of or consider then.
max turtle
Sure thing; I'm really really interested in your hat, and the only reason I listed my offer as tentative is because I felt it would be rude if one of my other trades went through and I had to cancel my offer here. I'll let you know when I'm ready to make a fully fledged offer - thank you for being patient.
There's no problem in that. Feel free to throw or retract offers whenever.
max turtle
Ok; I'll go ahead and offer my helmet along with 3 keys.
oh alrighty then, ill note it down and keep it under consideration.
max turtle
Going to go ahead and retract this, my helmet sold. Thank you.
Unusual Soldered Sensei(Miami Nights)
not fond of either hat/effect nty.
✪ Aronn
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no thanks
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pyromancer terror-watt
sunbeams vrh

for tricorne
Neither are reasonable no thanks.
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Time Warp Noir =D
And ur strange first you write "feel free to add me " and then "pls do not add me" xD
wrote both at dofferentt times; before semester began and then after semester began xD
ok =P
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.