Selling the Stranges above for the prices below:

S. Diamond Botk. Flamethrower: 2.3 Keys/ 16.33 Refined
S. Pistol: 3 Refined
S. Tribalmans Shiv: 0.66 Refined
S. Gen Foppish Physician: 1.5 Keys
S. Shortstop: 2 Refined
S. Stickybomb Launcher: 2,33 Refined
S. Jarate: 1 Refined
S. Market Gardener: 2 Refined

or offer below and make sure its an overpay if in items
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These are so overpriced...
if you're looking at you'll also notice iv sold half my stocks and to top that off a week after I sell these off the prices usually come to rise on too. Now I have two options if you bother to make a further fool of yourself. I could simply report or block. Feel free to pick.
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should i add you or trade you?
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wow the S.Shortstop is a ripoff 350% higher than usual -.-
err technically i think you meant around 70-80% =p
I dont think I went around judging your trade prices did I? I doubt its some necessity and as for prices iv sold multiples of majority of the stranges above at set prices and by the looks of it most of em have sold pretty well.
Ryusuta, Dood!
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I'll snag the Shortstop.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.