Looking for all sorts of offers on all my unusuals, promos, keys, ref, etc.
Their current offers can be found on their respective trades:
ALSO accepting paypal on ALL my items

Approximate buyouts of items/Unusuals being sold:

- Electro-static Lucky Shot: 4 Buds
- Misty Skull Tipplers Tricorne: 7 Buds
- Smoking Stovepipe: 1.3 Buds
- Smoking Fed Fightin Fedora: 1.6 Buds

- V. Dead Ringer LVL99: 6 Keys

- Strange Diamond Botkiller Flame Thrower: 2 Keys 2 Refined
- Strange Diamond Botkiller Scattergun LVL101: OFFERS
- Strange Carbonado Botkiller Medigun LVL42: OFFERS

All offers besides pure are strictly meant to be overpayment.
All offers on my promos or pure keys/metal are to be quicksells (UNUSUALS AND ITEMS AND PROMOS!)

Have a great day and feel free to add me to discuss.
hey man
I would like to buy the medi gun for 3 ref
please note the level not selling for the regular price mate.
Stormy scots bonnet for stovepipe
no thanks and unusuals have to overpay.
jimmy the jew
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Can I buy scattergun
jimmy the jew
This post was hidden by the trade owner.
I'll give the stealth stealer and strange scattergun with
jimmy the jew
For ur scattergun
4:1 for DP War Pig
no thanks.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.