sweet ^^
Like sugar ;)
i can marauder /w scorching
have a C/O of 6 you might need to add for me to consider it.
i can add one bud
C/O offer mate.
2 max + bud + s f sniper
6 buds + minor sweets maybe? :)
The guy above you offered 2 max+bud + sf sniper, so make it 7 buds and deal.
i dont have 7 buds i max have 6,5+sweets , and 2 max+bud + sf sniper is only 6 buds and 5 keys
C/O mate.
Considering your offer.
i have to think myself too
no problem man but I'm not letting this beauty go that easy too ^^
beams fro and a buds
BM might be interested. Any interest in a beams chieftan?
No worries mate, is the cheiftain a 1:1 for the samur-eye?
Possibly, your b/o is the same as my b/o lol.
More interested in promos over unusual.
Sall good, I just traded away one of my beams chieftans. Probably gonna keep the one I unboxed. Good luck with this, you should have no problem getting your b/o. Everyone who has offered so far is looking to flip the hat for profit.
I totally agree with you sir :) BTW you got really lucky with the unbox of a cheiftain with the same effect.
My entire Backpack?
(Except the Front Runner and Nine Pipe Problem...)
Trade your backpack for buds and come back to me.
pruple energy conquistador
due to my lack of knowledge and this being a very new unusual I would have to pass on the deal sorry.
well gneral concensus seems to be 5-6 buds http://www.tf2pricecheck.net/Thread-PC-Purple-Energy-Conquistador
will get back to you on this mate after some opinions.
aight, just to weigh in my opinion, i think these hats are pretty even, i just already have a kick ss soldier and aht and need a really good demo one :)
purple energy conquistador and sweets
you've already offered that mate ^
lol i know, im just gettin it on the record and hoping you might change your mind :)
Lol need promos over unusual ^^
Stormy Reggae + 1 bud
C/O possible you could sell the stormy reggae for 6 buds? cause I don't like stormy effect.
Fair enough, but tbh I think the best I'll do is 5.5, since the best offer so far was 5 pure. Sorry bout that, just want to be honest.
All good mate if you can munch up 7 buds let me know.