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My Stock of Promos
Headcases - 30 Keys
Lvl 69 Buds - 25 Keys
Regular Buds - 20 Keys
Keys - 50 Keys


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i've got a disco beat down whoopee i can do for 6 pure? my b/o is 7?
Swiggity Swagger
Your b/o may be 7, but I don't value it more than a burning whoopee......
Māte Terēze
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c9 greased lighting for 6 buds
Swiggity Swagger
Sold it, congrats
BROYO Crippling Gay
Only clean chiro leadwear in existence for 4 regular buds and one lvl 69 bud?
BROYO Crippling Gay
or 5 buds, 3 key
Swiggity Swagger
Great effect, but too much for that hat, sorry man, robo hats are tough to sell.
BROYO Crippling Gay
yeah i understand
Sir Swagface
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Cloud 9 Greased Lightning (painted gold) for 5 buds
Swiggity Swagger
Nice avatar xD
Swiggity Swagger
Cloud 9 is not my fav. effect and 5 buds is too expensive for me, but thx for offering bro, I am sure someone will buy it
thx, I will hide for space then
I.C. Weiner
I've got a low history (9 owners) super clean OILED BAKER BOY - Painted Team Spirit - ORBITING FIRE - I've been asking 1.5+, but do 1 bud + 7 keys for you
Swiggity Swagger
I can trade you an Orbit Fire engineer cap for it
interested in a themed terror watt greased lightning?
cloud 9 bonk helm?
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kill-a-watt oiled baker for say 2 buds?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.