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u sux
Brokering this Unusual C9 Snaggle for a friend, iMan is his steam name.

B/O: 4 Buds or a clean, non Lv. 1/7 Max's and 1.5 Buds (30 Keys)

C/O: Kill-a-Watt Cold Killer

And if offering in unusuals, please offer on Gen 1. effects (Green Energy is a good example). Robo effects will not be considered.

Offer here, and/or my friend directly:

Under any circumstances, do not add me. DO NOT ADD ME
|Ѧℭ| |FV| TeaX LFT
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Kill a watt cold killer
u sux
c/o, go ahead and add my friend
|Ѧℭ| |FV| TeaX LFT
ok. added.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.