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Thanks =)
i think they might be 40buds+ each cause the community lugermorph is worth around 30buds and there around 8 of them i think
the scrap is waaaaaay more then 40 buds
How many v.scrap are there ? If there are like 3 the price could be like 80 buds?
Cool items you got !
fuck me.
ok =)
but seriously, buds wise, how many each, i'd love that ghibus
  • JGG
bookmarked want to see if you sell this
How did you get the vintage scrap metal in the first place? I know a vintage ghastlierest gibus exists but a scrap metal? Smells fishy to me
It's legit.I think there's like like 2 or 3 more of them.
Yeah, apparantly when metal was first introduced to the game a few years ago, they had vintage scrap metal for a few days, maybe a week. After that, it was just normal metal. That's just what the word on the street is, though, don't quote me on it.
Completely wrong ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ When valve introduced the vintage update, in rare cases the way the game converted unique to vintage would glitch and delete the items. Some people probably just dealt with it, others got pissed off and contacted valve. Valve then would restore there inventory's, but every item they previously had would Vintage, even if it wasn't supposed to be. Thats why Vintage Earbuds, Vintage Bills, Vintage Gibus's, and Vintage Scrap Metals exist.
He bought it from Carter
Do you mind if I throw a useless (to you) bookmark? I just want to stare to this before I sleep and dream of becoming Bill Gates so I can buy it off you.
Это нереально. Такой лак. НЕРЕАЛЬНЫЙ ЛАКЕР. Я хочу от тебя детей.
Спс =)
это не лак. это русская мафия
Что там с ид ? Почему они повторяются ? Что ты там с этим металом делал ?
драл его
не прячь мой пост. хочу увидеть как пойдет трейд
извращенец =)
глюк на сайте просто
Да ладно.Удачи в трейде. Если не секрет что отдал за нег о?
Ты мудак, уебок, мы гибусами поменялись, тупо истории хотели другие и все, Пнх, нищеброд. Те хуле надо?
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2 ref + 2 weapons for the scrap. dont hide pls
... oh lord
  • MXC
This is a great offer if you multiply it by about oh i don't know, 2,500?
patty i'll sell my regular scrap for that price if you want :--D
  • Jon
bookmark, interested in the gibus, maybe for lower price xD lol
Bookmark awesome BP man
oh cool scrap, but i recalled seeing it before in a bp of a guy with a community big kill, wiki cap, vintage rec, vintage medal, and other stuff
Yes, he sold me it. He very wanted my v. cube and only for me he sold it
ah ok, also got any c/o's on the scrap?
people dont know that i am selling it. It cost vere very much
im afraid to make an offer, but are you gonna sell it for more than the vintage gibus?
LOL? Exactly. Read my notes =)
Any idea how much this thingy is worth, or how one ever obtained it in the first place? Also, mookbark
Do not have exact prices because no one has ever sold
Bookmarked! fucking amazing!
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11 buds for the scrap
moon jeepcap+stormy jeepcap+blizzardy geezer+orbiting fire tavish+nuts swatter for gibus
Мало даешь
какой мало сенька за 14 свой продает, тут один джипкеп бондарь говорил 13
Лол? Он идиот, она 6 еще раз говорю, вот и иди у Сени бери, свою голову на плечах имей
13?лол он 6 стоит
  • jnz
Burning little buddy (clean , 1 of 3 , 2 in market and only i have clean) + anti themed on gibus
anti themed. What is it?
  • jnz
  • jnz
  • jnz
or team spirit mangler for gibus????=)))
So you offer Burning little buddy + ?
  • jnz
+ smoking hetmans????
No, sorry. Your offer is low.
0.o 2 scrap for the scrap im doubling the value :p
блин, шапокляк- тема =) ещё бы в ТС его покрасить и ммм....
О, точно, забыл же покрасить, спс =)
незачто ;)
I would give you my entire backpack for that Vintage Scrap, but I doubt it's even barely enough Q_Q
Bookmark! :0 (Dont hide ;_; )
whats the diffrence between vintage ones and not vintage ones???:/
+100% to random crit chance.
^this guy! :D
Bookmark. I have always wanted a vintage gibus, but I'm about 10 buds below B/O :(
bookmarking, bro. you are fucking awesome lucker D:
а вот он долбаеб
Bookmark, I'd really like the v.scrap, but I doubt if I'm willing to spend enough money to beat future offers :s What's the highest offer atm anyway (unless the C/O shown is the only offer so far)?
bm I wanna see what happens
burning slug clean + steaming flamenco for gibus XDD
No, sorry. Your offer is low.
bm i love hats
How did this originally come into existence? Was it a glitch or something?
No, man its true. Asi know just 3 in tte world. Read my notes
Only i am selling it in the world
I understand that it's legit, but why is it a thing? Like, was there a limited time thing or what?
Its really. Its not glitch
Okay, but how did it come into being? Was it a promo thing valve was doing, or what?
What happened was that when there was the Vintage Update (When the 'Vintage' quality was put into the game) when converting unique quality items into vintage, it deleted a few. Most of the people dealt with it, but a few people complained about it. I guess Valve was lazy so they sent back their backpack with everything vintage. That's how Vintage: Bill's Hat, Earbuds, Scrap Metal, Reclaimed Metal and Refined Metal (correct me if there are more) came into the game. Very few exist and most are not tradable. There are also other vintages like vintage Max's Severed head but that was not in the update, the guy was just a Director. http://www...byteuk (backpack of one of the richest men in tf2). Sorry for the long post but I was really bored ;)
Oh sorry there are also vintage Gastlyerist Gibus's and alien swarm parasites
wait so is there a vintage rec? or ref?
would that be like way more expensive and rare than that scrap?
how did u get that?
how did you get the vintage metal?
A while ago you could delete an item from your TF2 backpack, then ask Steam to give you it back. When you got it back it was with a Vintage quality. Ironic how the cheapest thing in the game with blue coloring is now one of the rarest.
pretty silly tbh
book mark. interesting story hopefully to follow?
Ну что тут скажешь....красавчег! Куб на них поменял?!
да,он кубик продал:3
Судя по бП продал отлично!
omg that scrap is my dream item :O! good luck
lol duped 100 times :D
Lol. No duped
sry maybe im a noob ;)
ah ok i just looked the history on tf2op and compared to tf2items lol ;)
Lol. 1 day aga here was glitch and my history study very big. I have 1 id look
TF2OP shows the same item ID a few times in a row for some reason, we're actually only seeing 2 item IDs here =p
Those item exist because Valve gived them to some person (I dont remember, for some reasons anyway) before that uptade those hats and weps turned to vintages
Thats how it works.
Man, my vintages not duped. You are an idiot if you so think. If you are jealous, then jealous further.
Good idea, but not true. I know how its created. :)
Slinky are you an idiot? ITS CLEAN. YOU JUST JEALOUS ME
Lol I didnt said those are duped, people asked how they exist o_o
Raipou. Oh, sorry, i am russian. I learn english. Sorry again =)
Well... Ok, no problem.
Not duped, but created in another way.
^ Yup
Hmm Ill give you 1 crate and a non craft bat for it? XD holy jesus you must be rich
Strangely enough, those are the only valuables he has lol. They are worth a whole lot, but it's still odd =p
Bookmarked just for how jealous i am!
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Press the find a user button , then type [WH] The Director , and see his fucking bp
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He has vintage scrap n reclaim metal
Im his friend cus im a boss. Naa im kidding he isn't showwy or anything, he's actually a cool guy :D
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Mother of god..
  • GMK
How did you acquire the vintage scrap/gibus ?
BM cuz I almost crapped my pants when I saw that vintage scrap.
Aye, where did that vintage scrap come from?

Have fun selling it!
Bookmark. :O
Can we have sex ?
LOL. OK =)
and it's hard for me to even afford gift wrap.
ARE YOU A WIZARD? god-like.
Нян, можешь принять запрос в френд? просто есть вопрос, а ты я вижу прошареный в этих заморочках всяких) спасибо
+ ты руссо) не нужно напрягать мозг переводя на английский ) lol
how? 0_o
  • JR
This is so sexy.
but seriously, thats pretty cool, good luck not getting lowballers
Dear god. How did you get it? D:
капец, КАК?! счастливчик :3
как ты его получил ?
  • mss
Oh you are scrap banking? Add me I got 2 weapons for you D:
Scrap Metal with blue letters instead of yellow?

Oh wow, It's fucking nothing!
dont forgot the godly prefix
Wow, bookmarked. ^^
Bookmark, I can't stop cumming.
Nyan cats Always get luck *-*
  • AA
парадокс , но на этот скрап думаю ни у кого не хватит средств
еще бы
Anyone else would just love to buy the scrap, then craft it into a weapon just to see the reaction of the trading community?
normal scrap + uncraftable boston basher as sweet =)
дам 2 винтажных оружки, скуешь себе еще один:DD
Craft it with 2 other vintage scrap metal to get vintage reclaimed
The gibus was generated unlegitimately
what was that for?
Heres my bookmark
U want to scrapbank that metal :D

But serious, that a fucking nice item :O
Bookmarked. Наконец нашёл его в продаже :D
ты его никак не мог найти, я ток его первый на рынок ввел, читай мои нотис
What did you sell teh Gibus for? :o
I sold it for my friend for 13 buds, but real price is 13-15
:0 though it was worth 20-30 buds... anyways, how did you get the Scrap and the Gibus? :)
Lol? Gibus cost 13-15 for full history of tf 2
oh well, im not really into that kinda old rare vintages thingy. now... tell me how u got em! :DD
Says 15-20 everywhere else, though but oh well. Glitch items are a rather weird market, per say.
Bookmarked :)
what sort of area where you thinking of selling for? and bookmark
holy mother of god :)
I'm gonna be that guy. Bookmarking. :D
Ты так удачно продал куб, потому что я тебе пожелал удачи ;D Теперь ты должен мне 10 маков :D
НУ ОК =)
Интересно, получается винтаж вост стоит 3 винтаж скрапа, как думаешь?
нет, но он дорого стоит, еще дороже
would my bp be a lowball for that v scrap?
sorry but yes
I do remember seeing a vintage REFINED METAL up here on outpost but never the scrap :)
I've seen vintage reclaimed which is 1 of 1 on a bp on tf2 items before
How much did you sell the Gibus for?
I sold it for my friend for 13 buds, but real price is 13-15
I'll give you a extremely rare uncraftable Boston Basher. One of the rarest items evar :)
Theoretically, if vintage scraps, refined and reclaimed exist, what happens when someone smelts/combines them? Can your scrap be placed into the crafting table?
Does vintage refined metal, when crafted, yield vintage hats? Can Vintage metal, when crafting the Horseman's axe yield a Vintage UNUSUAL?! DAFUQFBHMOWGMOWGHMWOMHOBLURGGGGGGGGGGGGH.
go craft it into a reclaimed, better use of it
serious sam complete pack! its a 90 dollar game!
Mother Of God...
ЕНТОТ ХУНЯ, ВОТ ИВО ДАБАВ: http://steamcommunity.com/id/vantuzz/
Как? Откуда винтажный скрап? У второго человека его уже вижу.
Ксли не сложно, объясни откуда?
Уже получить невозможно
Хотя можеш поумолять стим поддержку сделать твой скрап винтажным может добрый попадется )
эмм? тоесть, это просто нужно было попросить саппорт? и тебе довали винтажный скрап?
ну не совсем раньше люди удаляли вещи типо случайно и возвращали винтаж. уже вроде не катит
Да, такое знаю
I knew of the existence of rare vintages, but I did not know this, I went there to check, really existe scrap vintage, vintage and vintage reclaimed refined.

Nice items.

Look --> All metals vintage.
Vintage metal does exist not that rare lol its just regular vintage price
so 2 scrap for scrap 2 rec for rec 2 ref for ref
lol are you joking?
First vintage ghastly gibbus ever though how much did it sell for
13 buds
get 2 more and craft them together ........

I'm pretty sure you cant craft v.scrap.
What player did you sell the gibbus to?
he didn't sell it check his BP
wtf he got it back
I bought it from other guy. Its already other gibus
worth more than 100+ buds bookmarked!
well, im gonna bookmark...ill never be able to afford it....just wanna stare at it for a while :P
2 craft weps for the scrap
one guy has vintage rec and ref the prices probably are huge
ты ща сказал, типо я барыга другими словами, или же что металл дорого стоит?
how much does it cost?
блять, говори со мной по русски или уйди ок?
  • waw
Bookmarked to see how this turns out.
mind if i bookmark this? (1st time for bookmarking... ._.)
MY WHOLE FUCKING BACKPACK-----2169 ITEMS (serious offer)
TF2 Stats:Vintage: <0.1% Holy Shit

+Bookmark :)
What's the Bo on that scrap?
interested in a rare to add to the useless collection of uselessness :P

uncraftable lumbricious lid?
2 vintage weapons? lol jk :) nice man
bookmark :)
unless you take my offer of eternal serving to you, my (vintage-scrap giving) master
My whole BP except for a few personal items on the scrap :3
You should use it in crafting..
I heard you get a Vintage Team Captain.
I'll pay B/O? =o
B/O for what? you dont have any unusuals or over 30 buds ;p
he said: B/O: very very much (which could mean 2 rec =o)
Why do you want to know my B/O if you dont have nothing?
I think you made an error there: "if i don't have nothing" or do you mean i could only know your B/O if i have absoulutly nothing in my backpack?
AND i'm just wondering what your looking for
in promo for 25+ and in unusuals 30+
Bookmark, im speechless...
Bookmark of epicness
These offers are low? What the heck do you want, a sunbeams TC for something you can't even wear? =S
i already have offer sunbeams tc for v.scrap + v.gibus + 12 buds. Its noobish offer. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ONLY I AM SELLING IT. ITS DONT HAVE CHECK BECAUSE IT BEVER WAS IN THE MARKET AND I AM LOOKING 25+
My life for it. Please accept that...
If I had the scrap, I'd collect all the vintage scrap, and craft a reclaimed with it.
Bookmark wanna see what this goes for. Good luck selling it ! and don't make any silly mistakes. Ive made waaaaaaaaaaaay too many.
how the f*** did you got a vintage scrap?
does'n matter read some posts and got my answer
over 9000 buds for vintage scrap
do you have proof of those C/O's?
tftp. How can i give you proof?
23,5 buds guy offer here
link to the trade?
TF2TP You cant see
why do you want link? You dont believe me?

Awesome trade xD
I want it and then i will use it for crafting...
I'd laugh a really lot if valve decides to fix this.
they would have fixed it a long time ago if they were going to, like when it happened in the first place
I just want to leave this here. Wish you luck!
how did you get that?
ill pay a normal scrap for it. you can tell its been duped 15 times, if you click on the picture you can see its ID and your name 16 times.
sure it is :)