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Jack Kirby
Hello there, i have a question about Clean HHHH, which is the true history?
Some people say it was clean before a patch, so the first people in deafeating the Horseman obtained it clean.
Some of them were cleaned using Gift-wrap, because before October 29, 2010 the items that were wrapped lost its untradeability.

Appearntly there are 238 clean:
I would guess it's like a few, (but not all), of the clean 2010 Skulls and Jujus, some were wrapped and came out of the wrap Clean. Similar to the Clean haunted metal (most of the Clean Juju's and Skulls are clean due to being crafted with the clean haunted metal).
Jack Kirby
How is possible to have a clean haunted metal without gift-text?
There's a collector on this site that has a few clean tradable and gifted tradable that could probably answer better but some of the haunt metal was wrapped early on and came out of the wrap either fully clean and tradable or gifted and tradable, both let you create clean axes, skulls, juju's and even a few of the new skulls.
Jack Kirby
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