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Buying quikcsells. Offer up. Got 1 bud at the moment
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Unusual L'Inspecteur
Item Details
Level 10 Hat
Effect: Aces High
for bud
J0e1ss | trade.tf
No thank you its an unstable price
German Gonzila Blizzardy Storm - 1 bud
J0e1ss | trade.tf
Thats underpay.
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Rimmed Raincatcher (Smoking) + 6 keys for 1 earbud?
u dont hav a bud anymore?
J0e1ss | trade.tf
I can get one
J0e1ss | trade.tf
easily because i have the right amount of keys
using the 18 keys? m8 if u find me a seller @ 18 keys i will give u 2 ref
J0e1ss | trade.tf
not 18 i got some ref anbd a strange dead ringer
hmm well most ppl want 20 keys PURE 22 keys in ITEMS/UNU
J0e1ss | trade.tf
i can sell the item sperately -_-
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