Selling the above for the prices below. ONLY add me if you have the b.o in pure.
Or offer below.

Genuine Distinguished Rogue: 1.33 Refined
Violet Fast Learner: 4 Refined
Purple Track Terrorizer: 4.66 Refined
Purple Mercs Muffler: 1 Key 2.33 Refined
TS Cold Killer: 6 Refined
Rather Festive Tree: 2.33 Refined
Rusty Reaper: 2 Refined
Trash Man: 1.66 Refined
Fruit Shoot: 2 Refined
Champ Stamp: 2.66 Refined
White Birdman of Aberdeen: 1 Key 4 Refined
Strange Gen. Foppish Physician: 1 Key 1 Refined
Side Satchel: 1.44 Refined
Lime UC Rubber Glove: 3.66 Refined
Highland Heels: 2 Refined
Moustachiod Mann: 2 Refined
Falconer: 2 Refined
Warmth Preserver: 2 Refined
Haunted Bonedolier: 4 Refined
Haunted Ethereal Hood: 3.33 Refined
Bigg Mann on Campus: 4 Refined
Weight Room Warmer: 4.33 Refined
Tyrants Helm: 2 Refined
Heavy Weight Champ: 1.66 Ref
Bolted Bushman: 1.33 Ref
Cotton Head: 1.66 Refined
Coppers Hard top: 1.33 Refined
G. Lone Star: 2 Refined
Haunted Carious Chameleon: 1 Refined
Haunted Guano: 2 Refined
Haunted Archimedes: 2 Refined
Haunted Vicars Vestments: 1 Refined
Breakneck Baggies: 2.66 Refined
Genuine 70's Chapeau: 3.33 Refined
Whoopee Cap: 1.66 Refined
Noh Mercy: 2.66 Refined
Mercs Muffler: 1 Key 2 Reclaimed
Fast Learner: 3.33 Refined
Haunted Grisly Gumbo: 1 Refined
Haunted Horned Honcho: 1.33 Refined
Would you do Whoopee Cap for 1.33?
looking for a wee bit more sorry.
Breakneck baggies 2 ref
nope sorry fixed prices
damn. why is everyone overpricing the baggies D:
idk D:
why are you D:
IDK D: Bandwagoning i guess.
be unique D:
added for baggies
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.