Selling this amazing Soldier Double Unusual Combo!
The ultimate Bug Zapper combo on the soldier!
Loving it to bits, and fixing it up into a three effect combo.
Screenshot from a rear perspective *wink*: http://gya...1bbaba

You love it too dont you :3
Well setting the B/O at 7 Buds for the set. Not selling seperately atm unless you have some dire overpayment planned.
Really despise Miami Nights and DBD, try keeping those and robo hats to a minimum.
Some Notable offers:
- Private offer of 3 Pure on stash itself (collecting 1 pure)
- DBD Tower + sweets.
1 inch tall
Australium rocket launcher + .4 in items for the stash?
eh noted but never been a huge fan of australiums.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.