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Common - 1:5 Treasure of Ember Essence
Common - 1:5 Treasure of Earth Essence
Common - 1:5 Treasure of Vermilion Renewal
Common - 1:1 Treasure of Dire Arms
Common - 1:1 Treasure of Radiant Arms
Common - 1:1 Treasure of the Shaper's Legacy
Common - 1:10 Chests (Everything else)

Note: 1 Common of your choice for "x" (see above) of the following expired chests, in order of preference: Treasure of the Shaper's Legacy, Treasure of Dire Arms, Treasure of Radiant Arms, Treasure of Ember Essence, Treasure of Earth Essence, Treasure of Vermilion Renewal, Treasure of Rubiline Sheen, Emerald Polycount Collection. No other chests!
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1:1 uncommon treasure of radiant arms:uncommon item
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what give u for 1 expired tresure of ember essence?
Sorry I'm looking for more than 1.
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First off, don't spam. I was buying Glitched Circuit Boards, no other items and certainly no overpriced games. Second do some research before you make ridiculous offers, I can buy the upgrade for 1 Key or less.
Wrong trade, sorry.
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I dont wanna be a troll, but this trade is weird. I got a complete collection of chest (1- 49 exept 10 that is untradable). Whats your offer?
Sorry to break this to you but you cannot possibly have a complete collection, Valve deleted all the old chests except the special ones.
OK, that a good point that i didnt see, after all i still have the events chest
Yep, luckily they didn't delete those.
Well, after all, you still wanna buy it?
That's what this trade is for, though I'm looking to buy in mass.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.