strange bazaar bargain for flame thrower
Nah. Flamethrower is still worth more than Bazaar Bargain so that won't do. I can trade Loch-n-Load or Equalizer for Bazaar Bargain though.
let me think about it
Okay, just let me if you still want to trade later or not.
I'll do my market gardener for your flamethrower.
No thank you. I've already refused the same offer before you. I may have 1:1 trade, but I only do it when they worth the same or closely similar in price.
How much more metal would you want?
I would like to keep the trade 1:1, but if I want metals from my stranges, for Flamethrower I would have to say 1.66 ref in metal pure, and I will consider Market Gardener 0.33 ref since it is melee weapon and situational in use unlike Flamethrower and its price will decrease in time. I'd have to say 1 ref along with Market Gardener for Flamethrower.
*1.33 ref
Kunai and Ubersaw for your wrench and flamethrower.
Err Kunai and Bazaar, not ubersaw.