Bookmarked you in case i need some.
Yea try using [b.] Bold Text [/.b] remove the Dots.
Don't know how to get the color tho
Anyways. Can i have the Spy-Cycle and the Righteous Bison ?
sure thing (: I've add you
Thanx !!
Is there any more Spy-Cycle that you are selling still?
check my bp page 1
You hate the illiterate?
Only those who own TF2.
dw (: I made the last part less aggressive :D
haha, beautiful
cozy camper please?
Oh wait sorry your bp is worth over 2 buds, therefore you are not eligable for this service. This exchange is for mainly those new to TF2 trading.
oh ok
spy cicle for my gunslinger
check my bp for current weapons
u still have
is there a spycicle on page 1 of my bp?
oops sorry
hello i would like to have degreaser,buff banner,detonator and shahanshah
add me
I would like to trade for your cozy camper! (any weapon that i want for my BP, or U choose?) best regards!
well I'd prefer popular weapons so it encourages people to trade, but it is honestly up to you
Excellent! :D
Hi can I trade force of nature, direct hit and L'etranger for cosy camper, fists of steel and postal pummeler plz :)
I am afraid someone beat you to the camper, but feel free to add me for the other weapons
To add colors in your post, use the format Red Text Here or use [color=#FFFFFF] (using a color's hexadecimal value after the # sign, you can google for the values) but many colors are supported for the first option.
oops, messed up the first one. it was [*color=red]Red Text Here[*/color] without asterisks
thanks :D
Bookmark, and Tribalman's Shiv for Bootlegger?
feel free to add if you still want ;D
Axtinguisher for your degreaser
Bookmarked, I will be sending people here. I see them asking for 1;1 weapon swaps. I have stopped doing it because I ran out of space.
oh damn D:
Hey, i want donate some wep. Can I add you?
sure (:
Ill trade degreaser for the Bazaar Bargain
i will buy any shahshahshah's you can deploy me (up to 5)
detonator for your disciplinary action
I am wondering, which page are you selling now?
If you are selling your Rocket Jumper, I have a Concheror for exchange.
uh page 9 now
I see.
  • 5/7
I was looking for a spy-cycle but it seems you sold it. Anyway, do you trade the Frontier Justice?
candy cane for your tribalman's shiv
are you doing 1:1 strange trades as well, I am talking, I give you a strange for a strange of equal or lesser value
nah sorry only normal weapons
Disciplinary action for Loch'n'load?
Nvmd, I don't have it anymore, but I will keep the bookmark.
  • Oni
hi are you still doing 1:1 cause i would like to get at the darwins shield please :]
  • Oni
nvm already got it sorry :/
bushwacka for The Back Scratcher
My spy-cicle for you Axtinguisher?
  • rc
Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook Mark~
Great idea!!!!~<3
thanks C:
I got the gunslinger
if you need it
I'm here to serve the people C:
nvm Dx
  • Oni
Hi, can I buy your 2 enforcers for 2 of my weapons?
yea, I see two enforcers in the first row of page 9. If you only have one to trade thats cool too. I'll give you a weapon for it.
This is mainly for people who want to try out the weapon, not for exchanging into more popular weapons that you could sell for 1 scrap.
I don't think you can even sell enforcer for a scrap after that nerf anymore lol. Anyways, its alright if you don't want to trade.
are you selling the v. bars in your bp?
cow mangler and boston basher for candy cane and soda popper
shahansha (bleh) , jarate, scotsman skull cutter, machina for your bushwacka, tomislav, scottish handshake, shortstop
bookmark, when I need some stuff I'll send u a message
um.. what page are u selling weps from?
no wait, sorry. i forgot to read :P anyway can i have manmelter?
spycicle and flare for 2 weps?
I would like to make a donation. Also, the first page of your backpack is one of the coolest things i've ever seen.

Can I add you?
Sure C: Thanks quite proud of my bp :D
my liberty lawnchair for your ullapool caber, "ITS BOOMSTICK STIME"
my ullapool caber + splendid screen i found yesterday (:P) for jag + sandvich
sli wababas wi booties, chrage n targe, splendid screen,chledemoar (demoman longer charge weapon) and a troll forcer for black box buff banner euraka effect mad milk lib lawnchair
Hey, are you still doing this? I'm a bit confused as to what weapons you're offering.
yep, page 9 weapons
I haven't got tradeables at the moment, but I'm looking for the Warrior's Spirit and the Black Box. Would you accept a scrap for them, or would it have to be in tradeables?
Actually, can I update that to the Quick-Fix, the Warrior's Spirit, the Black Box and the Scotsman's Skullcutter. Also, I now have four tradeables (Huntsman, Amputator, Righteous Bison, Bushwacka).
crossbow and black box for both machna snipers
why do you need both
postal pummler for ambassador
added you
I'm supposed to have approved you first but ok
my bison for your spycycle?
Can I trade for your Quick-Fix, Equalizer, Chargin' Targe, Eyelander, 2 Jarates and that Half-Zatoichi?
  • sad
Quick-fix for sodda popper ;)
buff banner for a amputator?
first weapon i see in my BP for the holy mackeral :P lol
i added you :O
Amputator , Crossbow and UC Kritzkrieg. I pay an UC weapon for the Kritzkrieg. The rest 2 random Weapons.
I want a weapon, but my backpack is over 2 buds. I promise you that I'm done with trading, it's the only weapon I do not currently own. I'll trade you a gifted weapon + 3 uncraftable weapons for your troubles too.
I can make exceptions as long as people post here. Why are you done trading? :/ I
Trading is boring. As you said, too many sharks, lowballers, jerks, etc. and profit trading makes less money than a real job. Anyways, add me
Yo can I grab one more weapon? Just realized I don't have a crit a cola :|
Added you already
NVM just got one :|||
Hey hey hey I'll trade a gunslinger for a Bazaar Bargain
Buff banner for righteous bison?
kritzkrieg and force a nature for 2 weps
and also a machina 1:1 :)
Nice system. :) Bm!
This trade is getting longer... Longer... Even longer... About to faint... Sry u have just made me illiterate :3... Zzzzz... I'm done. xD
May I take both Originals, one Ullapool Caber and your Sun on a Stick for 4 weapons?
Thank you, I will be adding you now...
Can i exchange an Frying Pan for 6-8 Weps?
Do you make 1:1 stranges exchange?
ahahaha no :P I would be bankrupt very soon
Added for More Weapons.
Riteous Bison for a degreaser?
Hey, back again, can I have your Kritzkrieg for a Jarate?
Bookmarking, awesome work :)
Can I get a Buff Banner and a Bushwacka? Added you.
random wep for an ullapool
Ubersaw for Mad Milk?
I would like to get a caber, buff banner and eureka effect
i would like the degreaser i have the bazzar bargain
I do not possess the degreaser at this time
your pomson for my degresser =3
check my bp ==''
is it page 8 & 9 ? cause there is a pomosn there =3
oh how about for the cloak and dagger then casue i was on your steam one not outpost =3 sorry
i would like to use your 1:1 weapon swap servicer please
got a kgb and a mail-box
do i meet the criteria? c;
eh why not
Hello, I would like to trade for the Shahansha, Powerjack, Concheror, Axtinguisher and Skullcutter :3
I would like a degreaser <3
hey can I have half-zitochi for my fist of steel?
Can I have the Degreaser?
I don't really have that many items now... but I can trade a Righteous Bison or a Cow Mangler
I'd like a shortstop, if it's fine with you.
i would like to trade for shortstop
Hello Docktor Rainbow fridges trade got closed, may want to contact him get updated listing
also here is mine
been doing it for over three months
okay C:
ill give you a force a nature for the eviction notice
bazaar bargain and machina
if its okay ill take that awkward bottle o rum so scottish handshake for a random wep in my bp :D
Huntsman and splendid screen
Good idea :) Would thank you for helping players getting items :D!
Would be nice with more ppl like this ;)
(My bp is over 2 buds so i am not changing for any weapons :P)
aw :P
I got some 1 for 1 trade so plz add me
fan o war for quick fix
hey could you add me i cant add you
add me need jarate, trib shiv , splendid screen, brass beast
need 2 more added you
Could I get the Righteous Bison? I'll give you Fists of Steel. Is the Righteous Bison on the 9th page, or is it on the tenth because of the 'NEW' items?
Hello. Can I have a Gunboat for my Vita-Saw?
Heya! Can I have Detonator, Battalion's Backup, and the Gunboats for my Manmetler, Bazaar Bargain, Brass Beast? Gladly appreciated in advance :)
I will trade my Bushwacka for your Wrap Assassin...? Thanks in advance :D
Err, my Spycicle for your Wrap Assassin?
I'd like to donate :3
spycicle add me
no longer possess
Quick fix for your Mad Milk (God damnit you have an awesome backpack)
can i have the enforcer?
Can I get a G.R.U, Sandvich and Pomson 6000 for a Market Gardener, Sydney Sleeper and Sun-On-a-Stick?
Add me if you start it back up, I'd like to swap a bunch of weps.
2 Diamond Back , enforcer , big earner, for 3 sydney sleepers and cow mangler
My Disciplinary Action, Fists of Steal and Buff Banner for your Pain Train, Soda Popper and Sandman.

Also man, just a heads up, I think the red writing at the top of your trade should read "PAGE 9 OR 10", not "PAGE 8 OR 9".
oh yeah thanks, I rearranged my bp and didn't edit all the notes completely
do you still have spy cicle? i will give you some weps that i have :)
check my bp
Hey Chris, willing to trade me that Gunslinger for, say The Homewrecker or the Spycicle?
1 : 1 axtinguisher : kunai / YER / crit a cola / bonk atomic punch / sniper piss

1 : 1 enforcer : ^

add me?
already got sorry O:
looking for the homewrecker 1:1 with baazar bargain :)
i also want to donate some weaps :)
looking for the axtinguisher. batallions backup in exchange?
I saw some more things, I'm interested in the original, the manthreads and axtinguisher. can trade batallions backup, and whatever other weapons you want.
1 rightous bison or 1 burnt item for it for the degreaser.
Hello, I'm interested in the Soda popper, Buff banner, & Enforcer. Got Half-Zatoichi, Boston Basher & Eyelander to exchange.
trading 4 weapons for 4 weapons

i need these
quick fix
gloves of urgently running
buff banner

please, i want to add those to my loadout
if anything i might instead do the mad milk instead of the detonator i could use that when i am scouting
i am curious do you want me to add you now or are you going to add me now that i have the accept
Quick question for you:

I believe I don't qualify due to my backpack, but would I be allowed to use this service to get stuff for my newb friends? Some of them are free players and don't have tradeable weapons themselves.
ehm sure
Awesome, I'll compile a list once they're all online.
You sir seem awesome, and I think TF2 world needs more like you! Anyway, im interested in the Homewrecker, The Escape plan, the L'etranger and the Huntsman.
  • Ice
Can i have the Gunslinger?I give you the bison
I am interested in the crossbow, detonator, overdose.
Third degree , detonator , powerjack , tribalman's shiv , letranger please
  • hej
I want sharpened volcano fragment and the postal pummeler
my degreaser with ur spycicle?
none left
Could i get soda popper, amputator, crusaders crossbow, and ubersaw?

ps. (if you ever get a YER, could you tell me? :P)
Gunslinger for Bison?
Your degreaser for my postal pummeler.
Hello! Can i trade my Overdose for your half-zatoichi?
I need Nessie's Nine Iron, Sydney Sleeper and Your Eternal Reward. If you could hold on to the first two, and approve this whenever you get a YER, that would be wonderful~~~
Added, i'll take the quickfix
y u are ignoring me, i did all correctly .
not online atm.... I never ignore any friend requests lol
It's because i tried to add you and said, "|Collecting #444 items| Chris24C is ignoring you"
Fists of Steel and Blutsauger for Buffalo Steak Sandvich and Brass Beast?
hi are u still doing 1:1? if you are can i trade u an ambassador for a battalion's backup?
Boston basher, Killing gloves of boxing, Big earner, and Tribalman's shiv
Ulapool caber, Buffalo steak sandvich, Scotish resistance and Frontier justice
Splendid screen please
none left
Hello! Can i trade overdose + gunboats + solemn vow + degreaser for wrap assasin + crit a cola + sandman + half zatoichi? XD
Can I trade for a Cow Mangler and a Persian Persuader?
Lollichop for Gunslinger?
My Diamondback for a Boston Basher?