29 lvl one of the world
effect: rare

b/o 8 buds
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Lol Lucario is a big nub. This is actually insanely rare. Its the only one of these in the world that isnt level 1. Anyways, ill start you off with 12 keys.
thx )
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Calm down dude. Some people highly value items like these. If you dont, you dont have to insult orthodox. I agree, 8 buds is a pretty insane price, but this can easily get a bud. And the other trade was closed because the admins didnt want him confusing anybody when he said it glows in the dark. So if youre not going to offer, you really shouldnt say anything at all.
lucario why you write it here? and do not ask why people sell craft # 1 simple things for 5 buds and more ......
its collection item and the one who needs to buy
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i offer my craft # collection excluding the wolf sign. ill see if i can exchange for pure. aint no n00bspwn gonna be sneaking away with some smexy genuines from me
thx but need only pure !!!
ah dang, all right, ill see if i can get some pure soon
good offer on pure or buy for real money steam market http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/440/Genuine%20Professor%27s%20Pineapple
How much money would you want for it through the SCM? Let's just say I have excess money in my Steam Wallet since the time I missed out on a purchase I was going to make, before someone else bought the item =p
you pay of steam market system ?
Yeah, through the Steam Market.
i selling for 281 $ but steam commission trade of 15% and it will be $ 323
are you prefer easy trade for buds maybe ? ) if you can
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.