Oh man!
This trade was closed by Suttles at 22:48:36 on June 17th, 2012 with the following reason:
This isn't the place for your stupid stories.
Le Bookmark.
I approve of everything about this. However, I have no veils.
Also, p sure you should do Spike's panties next.
Psh. He totally wears panties. But if that really matters to you, do Spike's briefs.
Refreshing BM since you closed previous trade for no reason ;_;
Yes, apple trees, sure...
hey theres my panties!
Love the desc you made for the the pink one!
Wow im glad my i could contribute to naming the pink one ;)
And that's why MLP fanbase is retarded.
nice collection,bookmarked:3
Oh my god.
Duffy Inc. and the rest of the community of TF2 approves of this. hi
>the rest of the community of tf2 approves of this
this is the best thing in existance, dont sell this. not for 1billion HOUWAR's, i love you.
oh boy this is fantastic
See my response in my trade.
this scares me
I'm sad, I have a dropped level 69 veil, but it is black. Oh woe is me QQ
Pony panties O.O
But ponies down wear panties :(

Oh and by the way love the name on your strange bushwacka ^^
how much panties you have now?
by the way, i LOVED the backstory. please make a part 2 =3
i demand a part 2!
make a second part and i will work it out! maybe one with gibusses... i already got alot of painted ones!
This is incredibly disturbing.
I think you need help with your Pony obsession.
I- I don't- No.