Wiethoofd on Holiday | KritzKast
I'm looking for strange parts to put on my weapons:

Part - B/O price
Tanks Destroyed - 8 ref
Posthumous Kills - 6 ref
Robots destroyed - 2 keys
Giant Robots Destroyed - 6 ref
Robot Spies Destroyed - 6 ref
Sappers Destroyed - 10 ref
Projectiles Reflected - 1.5 keys
Allied Healing Done - 12 ref

Please send trade offers: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=29856109&token=3uLdqEgc

Listed prices are with 1 keys = 25 refined
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Added for the projectiles reflected
sry no add
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Selling strange flame thrower w/ projectiles reflected + 2 other random strange parts for your 1k + 9 ref?
I need the projectiles part for on my Pro Australium Flamethrower, so trading for another strange isn't worth it :)
I'm selling my Projectiles Reflected part.
uhnioin (Dormant)
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How about a Liberty Launcher with the Robots Killed part on it for 1 key? It also comes with other parts as freebies.
nah, not looking for that part on a liberty launcher, it's a worse air strike in mvm ;)
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I can offer the Projectiles Reflected part!
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azertik boi
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how much for headshot kills part?
Twenty Five
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How much for the killstreak wrench and widowmaker?
Twenty Five
Sorry I confuse the post haha
Twenty Five
But still want to now the price
Added you to discuss
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I have a Strange Force of Nature with robot kills, want it?
I have one already, possibly 2, thanks for the offer though.
Kime Skego
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I have a alied healing strange part! I can't send you an offer for some reason because I can't see your items! message me on steam! :P
I have a huge backpack, it might take a while for it to load. :P Added you on Steam
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Are you interested in weps with these parts?
[Robust] Dry Shovel
Do you want a flame thrower with posthumous kills?
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i have a bunch of robots destroyed stranges i used in mvm that i'll sell cheap if interested
Feel free to list them, send a trade offer or add me to discuss
spec ks phlog with robots, giants, and tanks - wrangler with robots, giant robots, robot spies - KS brass beast with robots giant robots, robot scouts - KS eyelander with robots, robot scouts and robot spies
I have all of those already, except the Eyelander which would be an upgrade to my current one
im thinking 2 keys
Feel free to send an offer, go through my backpack for interesting things or add me to negotiate
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Strange Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.II + strange flamethrower *both have robots destroyed part attached* for 2keys
not really looking for stranges with the part already applied
I trade Giant Robots Destroyed and Tanks Destroyed at backpack.tf prices
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I sell you the sapper destroyed for 2 keys and the robots destroyed for 18 refs, it is the backpack.tf price
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