Selling these Beautiful Unusuals

Price for Hottie's Hoodie - 12 Pure - 11+ in Unusuals
Price for Brown Bomber - 9 Pure - 10+ in Unusuals

Offers with Pure or Misc Unusuals take Priority

I will accept Gifted Hats ***IF*** you provide Gift Wrap with the Unusual

I'm not going to offer on your unusual, post your offer

Favorite Effects

- Cloud 9
- Hearts
- Scorching Flames
- Disco
- Phosphorus

Least Favorite Effects

- Nuts & Bolts
- Any Weather Effect
- Orb. Fire
- Smoking
- Dead Presidents

Hide = Nty
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Miami Nights Deep Cover Operator
for bomber
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cloud 9 neckwear headwear, Cauldron bubbling brain bucket and screaming tiger results are in for both?
You'd have to add
how much?
Seeing as the Neckwear is duped and the only clean one is asking for 10 buds, you'd have to add around 5 buds
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Spirit, Magical Moose
I'm definitely interested in your C9 Bomber, I'm gonna offer up my P.Energy Ballcap, 100% clean, you'd be owner #3 of it.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.