VG | Menoch
selling for 2.7 pure or 3.5 in unusuals
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awesome hat
effect goes with the hat
hide = polite no thanks
i unboxed it
Clean as you can get
Superchuck |
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bud + clean smoking shako
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예비 병력
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AH luchadore?
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Interested in anything here?
VG | Menoch
maxs is the only thing that interests me
Strange Professional Scattergun (Scouts Killed, Demomen Killed Pyros Killed) + Strange professional Guillotine + Strange Degreaser (Allies Extinguished,Projectiles Reflected) + Strange Professional Revolver + Professional Killstreak Ullapool Caber Kit Fabricator
my entire bp for frontier djustice
Can add a kaw cotton head(on the market arm)
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