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Selling These Beautiful Unusuals
100% Clean
Both have only 2 person histories, if you care about that sort of thing

Price - 2 Buds or 40 Keys Each
Notice how it doesn't say "B/o"

I will NEVER accept any offer priced less than 2 buds Pure, so don't bother offering if your offer is less than 2 buds

I am strict on this trade b/c I love these hats and I'm 100% okay with keeping them

I'm not one of those asshats who refuses to accept any effect that isn't gen 1, so feel free to offer any effect, although I'm not a huge fan of robo effects but I'll consider them

I more than likely won't accept a robo hat unless decent overpay
-=GHS[A]=- Lt_Amazil
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bubbling cotton head, and a specialized killstreak strange machina with parts for the sola topi?
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Smoking Tough Smuffs( all class!!!) (4 buds+ in outpost) for both. Yours is summer effect and mine is 2nd be with all class. Leave it or take it. For both of ur hats
I don't care if my hats are summer effects, I like most effects, and I have no interest in a 3 buds hat
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.